In the recent years, the environment is losing its stability, attractiveness, and shape because of the progression of technology and extensive abuse of natural resources and demolition of the environment by man.

According to numerous environmental researchers, the ice in the Antarctic is melting and could lead to the ascent in sea levels. There might be one day human beings can't exist on earth any longer.

In spite of the fact that there are numerous undertakings and attempts to discover another planet for human living space, none is so wonderful and charming as earth to man.

It is very easy to pulverize this yet extremely hard or practically impossible to correct it by man. So it is everybody' duty to protect the environment on this planet earth.  Be that as it may, we might wonder if there is truly a need to save the environment. The following are the reasons for it.

Improved lifespan: Environment which is contaminated and not human-friendly lead to a ton of diseases and disorders. This growth of diseases and disorders can cause quicker risks for death. A lot of people will be inclined to develop diabetes, skin issues, lung disorder and so on in specific places because of the environmental impact.

So if the environment is pure and nice without contamination and pollution of soil, water, and air, we will have a better life. We can breathe fresh air, drink pure water and furthermore eat uncontaminated sustenance.

Out adventuring in Playa del Ray, California.
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Only a few decades back practically every one of the rivers, springs, cascades and even groundwater was uncontaminated and extremely pure to drink. Individuals who lived on them never got water born diseases, too. Regrettably, at present the condition is, we can't drink any water which isn't cleansed by a R.O purifier.

Likewise, air and soil are additionally polluted by contaminants and poisons. They gain way into the human body through air or nourishment and can harm the human's health

For better fruits, flowers with quality: Recently one researcher found that flower was got worse in their aroma than before because of the use of oil fuels. Additionally, because of polluted soil, water the organic products likewise have lost their scent and taste.

Vegan salad bowl
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You can see this distinction when you eat a mango from farm-grown on artificial techniques and from that cultivated by natural or organic methods. The scent and taste of naturally developed fruits are so better than different ones.

Indeed, you can see that trees cultivated as of late are not all that inflexible like those of past. They hardly develop like them and survive for such a long time. This is additionally a result of the pollution of soil and groundwater.

The decrease in suffering: If the environment is satisfying it would entirely agreeable for all the living beings. However, in the event that it is severe in the form of high heat, dust, contamination, thick snow, drought, abundance flooding because of downpours, we confront frequent economic loses also loss in population. These catastrophes are the consequence of climate change and can mess up an extensive stretch before settling down.

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Indeed, we can see that environmental harms caused for ages can even cause enduring to man if he visits the place once more.

For future generations of man to survive: This may appear not important to be stressed over. However, we have to bear in mind that we were born in light of dynamic and wellbeing previous history of man. In the event that we protect the environment, it adds to the sustenance of human life on earth for generations proceeding to come. If we devastate it, we would be the last of man stay to have lived on this excellent planet called earth.

My family was enjoying some time on a hike in a wooded area.  The way the light was coming through the trees and across the grass and daisies was making me itch to capture the moment. 

I got down on my stomach in the grass to capture this photo of my daughter Ellie. All I had with me that day was my iPhone X which was still a champ for captuing the moment perfectly. I just love the way the end of the day sunlight was making her glow.  To me this photo perfectly captures summer, childhood, and my sweet girl, who shines brighter then the sun.
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Notwithstanding, depending more on natural resources like the use of animals, plants, and use of nature-friendly technology can incredibly diminish the extensive environmental demolition and give the best approach to longer life on earth.