The formation of smog is dangerous to your health particularly on the off chance that you live in a major sunny city. Discover now how smog is shaped and how you can ensure yourself. The sun gives us life. Be that as it may, it likewise can cause lung cancer and heart attacks as it is an essential factor in making smog. Know more about this risk.

The formation of smog

Photochemical smog (or only smog for short) is a term used to describe air contamination that is a consequence of the interaction of daylight with specific synthetic concoctions in the air. One of the essential components of photochemical smog is ozone. While ozone in the stratosphere shields earth from destructive UV radiation, ozone on the ground is unsafe to human health. Ground-level ozone is created when vehicle outflows containing nitrogen oxides (basically from vehicle fumes) and unstable natural mixes (from paints, solvents, and fuel eveporation) interact in the presence of sunlight. In this way, the absolute sunniest urban communities are likewise probably the most contaminated.

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You can check the Air Quality Index (AQI) in your region. It might be reported for on your weather application or neighborhood weather forecast or you can discover it at the site.

  • 0 to 50: Green. Great air      quality.
  • 51 to 100: Yellow. Moderate      air quality. Individuals who are abnormally delicate to ozone may      encounter respiratory side effects.
  • 101 to 150: Orange.      Undesirable air quality for sensitive people including individuals with      lung disease or coronary illness, grown-ups, and youngsters.
  • 151 to 200: Red. bad for      everybody's health, with extraordinary worry for sensitive people.
  • 201 to 300: Purple. Health      alert level showing undesirable conditions, everybody may encounter      genuine health impacts.
  • 301 to 500: Maroon.      dangerous, a crisis condition for the whole populace.

Where is the place to live to avoid smog?

Drone view of Geneva, Switzerland
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The American Lung Association gives air quality information to urban areas and states. You can check various areas for air quality when thinking about where to live. Urbans in California lead the list because of the impacts of sun and elevated levels of vehicular traffic.