The need of green technology emerges because natural resources are declining and contamination has expanded owing to abundant use of non-renewable sources. Now let’s find out what green technology is and list several difficulties besides benefits of it.

Knowledge of green technology

The technology which make products and systems to help in preserving natural resources and environment is known as green technology.

It is environmentally friendly and consequently known as environmental technology or clean technology. It uses inventive techniques to produce environmentally friendly products.

by Lincoln Electric Systems, Lincoln Nebraska
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Products, systems or equipment based on green technology fulfill following highlights or attributes.

  • It can lessen or limit debasement of natural habitat around us.
  • It can have zero or least outflow of greenhouse gases.
  • It can be harmless to use and can advance health environment for each forms of life including humans, winged creatures, animals and so forth.
  • It can help in preservation of energy and natural resources, for example, solar, water, wind and so on.
  • It can improve use of renewable resources.

Principle functions of green technology are they are lessen (fuels, waste, energy utilization and so on.), recycling (of paper, plastic, can, batteries, clothing and so on.), renewing (wind power, water power, solar energy, bio-fuel, waste water and so forth.), Refuse (the use of plastic bags) and responsibilities. "Responsibilities" here refers to:

  • Do not waste electricity by turning off electrical equipment when not needed.
  • Do not waste water by never leaving taps open while brushing teeth or washing plates.
  • Do not waste fuel.
  • Do not waste sustenance.

The main applications of green technology are:

  • Energy sector
  • Building sector
  • Water and waste management sector
  • Transport sector
  • Solar power sector

Advantages of green technology

Photo by Thomas Richter / Unsplash
  • It does not transmit anything dangerous for the environment.
  • It has turned out to be well-known since purchasers of the technology are getting greater environment cognizant. This will offer advantages to investors in specific areas in the long run.
  • It requires less cost for maintenance. This lessens working expense and therefore total cost on the long run.
  • As it uses renewable natural resources and thus we will never come up short on indispensable resources like water and electricity.
  • It will hinder impacts of an Earth-wide warming because of decrease in CO2 emissions.

Difficulties or challenges of green technology

  • Initial venture or usage cost is extremely high.
  • People are as yet inexperienced with the technology and consequently will take much of efforts to embrace it for bigger population.
  • The technology is as yet advancing and huge numbers of the products are at R&D stage. Thus individuals are ignorant of execution results.
  • Lack of skilled human resources available to install or execute products or systems basing on the green technology.
  • In many nations, policies have not been finished for the green technology based systems.