Another type of concentrating solar dish that optically reflects and focuses the sun's incident solar power onto a small receiving area using mirrors or lenses is named a solar dish Collector, or more technically, a point focusing collector. And today, this article is going to clarify about solar dish cooker and pot, as well as one of the types of solar dish collectors.

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Solar Dish cooker and Pot

As well as using solar dish collectors to create electricity at extremely high temperatures, the concentrating sort parabolic Solar dish can also be used to cook food. one thing as simple as an old abandoned one-meter diameter satellite dish lined in aluminum foil is changed into a star cooking utensil with a black forged iron cookery pot set at its focal point. A parabolic solar cooker can even be made using an umbrella and covering the inside with standard aluminum foil yet its efficiency would be restricted.

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Solar cookers can be utilized in camping or remote areas to boil water, fry eggs or cook cakes and pieces of bread at temperatures well over 200oC, which is hot enough for cooking most foods without the danger of a fire. Solar cookers and ovens are comparatively cheap and simple to create for remote cooking applications, even backpack versions are sold for camping. However, solar cookers require frequent adjustments to remain centered on the sun as well as supervision for safe operation.

A word of warning about using solar cookers, the focal point, and therefore the cookery pot gets extremely hot, therefore, it's advisable to wear good quality sunglasses and gloves because the centered solar power glare will create nasty burns or could harm your eyes for good. Therefore, avoid standing on the sunny side of a solar dish collector.