Deforestation or clearance happens because of a number of reasons, to get an overview we could mention the need of money, both in terms of profitability as well as accommodating one's family in many situations, alongside absence of or no forest laws, requirement for land space for lodging and so on among a long list of various reasons. Mainly blamed on agricultural or pastoral use, farmers fell trees for expanding space for farming and/or as fodder land for grazing and surviving livestock. The entire idea of 'slash and burn' agriculture, is used to show this similar process where farmers use the above chain of activities for their purposes. Consider certain overall major causes for deforestation as follows:

1. Agricultural activities: As prior referred in the overview, agricultural activities are one of the main considerations influencing deforestation. Due to too high demand for food items, enormous quantity of trees is tumbled down to develop crops and for dairy cattle gazing.

I had this shot in mind already long before I took it. And as it often happens, I wasn’t planning on being able to take it on that day, but then I saw both tractors on their field from 1km away, and so I started up the drone. Although I had to work against strong winds, I was able to capture what I had imagined before.
Photo by Johny Goerend / Unsplash

2. Logging: Apart from this, wood based industries like paper, match-sticks, furniture and so on additionally need a considerable quantity of wood supply. Wood is considered as fuel both directly and indirectly, as a result trees are cut for supplies. Firewood and charcoal are example of wood being used as fuel. A portion of these industries flourish with illegal wood cutting and felling of trees.

3. Urbanization: Further on request to access these forests, the development of roads are taken on; here again trees are cut to make roads. Overpopulation also straightly influences forest covers, similarly as with the development of urban communities more land is expected to build up accommodations and settlements. In this way, forest land is reclaimed.

Photo by Antoine Beauvillain / Unsplash

4. Desertification of land: Some of different variables that lead to deforestation are additionally part natural and part anthropogenic like desertification of land. It happens because of land exploitation making it unfit for development of trees. Numerous industries in petrochemicals discharge their waste into rivers which brings about soil erosion and make it unfit to develop plants and trees.

5. Mining: Oil and coal mining require extensive quantity of forest land. Aside from this, streets and highways must be constructed to make way for trucks and other equipment. The waste that turns out from mining contaminates the nature and influences the close by species.

6. Forest fires: Another example would be forest fires; Hundreds of trees are lost every year because of forest fires in different parts of the world. This occurs because of outrageous warm summers and milder winters. Fires, regardless of whether causes by man or nature brings about extreme loss of forest cover.