Global warming issue has been talked about for a long time. The majority of the scientists regard it as a genuine and developing danger for people and weather. Since the governments are at a loss, it must see that, what can individual citizens or citizens' associations can do for diminishing global warming? Let’s see how as follows:

1. Use fluorescent light bulbs: You ought to right away change incandescent lights and use fluorescent light bulbs, on the grounds that these fluorescent light bulbs use just 25 % energy in contrast with incandescent bulbs.

2. Turn off electric appliances: When electric appliances are not in use, at that point plug them off, in light of the fact that they use some energy even in off position.

3. Change your monitor with LCD: Try to get LCD rather than a monitor, since LCD takes around 56 percent energy than your monitor. Continuously keep your computer screen status off, when you are not working.

4. Try not to leave fridge's door open for a long time: You take or put things in your fridge rapidly, in such a case that you keep open your refrigerator door for several minutes, at that point its engine will keep operative for in excess of a half hour.

5. Uses of solar energy: You should change over your warming system to the solar energy, by this means you can save electricity, money and protect your environment from global warming.

Solar power plant
Photo by Zbynek Burival / Unsplash

6. Use electric or hybrid car: You think about obtaining a hybrid or electric car, instead of gas car. Gasoline car covers 20 to 30 miles for every gallon, though hybrid or electric gives you 130 to 140 mg.

7. Plant trees at home: If you have put at the front or rear of your home, trees shading, can make your home cold during summer. Since trees retain carbon dioxide, so lessen the carbon dioxide in your environment.

8. Save clean water: You ought not to waste clean water, since clean water has turned out to be less, specialists expect there will be water crisis in the future. We need more energy for the preparing of clean water.

9. Turn off lights at day time: The sun gives you light from sunrise to sunset; on the off chance that you construct your home with great design you can spare electricity cost.

10. Make high roofs: When you construct your home, make it with high roof, since it lessens the heat. Ceramic or soil material made rooftops to comfort the temperature of the room.

11. Get your house insulated: Your home must be appropriately insulated, use insulation in downstairs, roof, over crawl spaces and walls.

12. Reduce trash at home: You ought to lessen waste that gets produced in your home. You can accomplish this objective by using recycled items and prevent needless trash things.

13. Diminish the usage of hot water: You should attempt better to lessen the use of hot water, introduce low-flow shower-heads in your bathroom; you will prevent yourself from contributing 350 pounds carbon dioxide yearly.

14. Grow your own foods: Fresh vegetable is better than anything you purchase from the supermarket. They will spare your cost on gas and time.