According to a study of the faculty at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in April of 2009, overpopulation is the world's most noticeably awful environmental issue. Dr. Charles A. Lobby ventured to such an extreme as to state, "Overpopulation is the only problem."

Basic definition of human overpopulation

Overpopulation happens when a population has surpassed its carrying capacity. Carrying capacity is the most extreme number of people of a species that can exist in a habitat indefinitely without undermining different species in that habitat. It is hard to contend that humans are not undermining different species.

Lesson from Easter Island

Photo by Thomas Griggs / Unsplash

The impacts of human overpopulation have been reported throughout the entire existence of Easter Island, where a human population with limited resources was almost cleared out when their consumption expanded beyond what the island could support. An island once lavish with assorted plant and animal species and enrich volcanic soil turned out to be almost uninhabitable 1,300 years later. The population crest on the island has been evaluated in the range of 7,000 and 20,000 people. Trees were chopped down for firewood, canoes, and wooden sleds for moving the cut stone heads for which the island is known. On account of deforestation, the islanders came up short on the resources important to make ropes and seaworthy canoes. Fishing from shore was not as valuable as fishing out on the ocean. Likewise, without canoes, the Islanders had no place to go. They cleared out sea birds, land birds, reptiles, and snails. Deforestation additionally prompted erosion, which made it hard to develop crops. Without sufficient nourishment, the population collapsed. A rich and complex society that raised now-iconic stone monuments was decreased to living in caverns and depended on barbarianism.

Photo by Thomas Griggs / Unsplash

However, the forests the islanders relied upon for rollers and rope didn't just vanish one day-it evaporated gradually, over decades... Meanwhile, any islander who attempted to caution about the perils of increasing deforestation would have been disregarded by vested stakes of carvers, civil servants, and boss, whose occupations relied upon proceeded with deforestation.