This article is going to talking about what fossil fuels are, and they are renewable or non-renewable energy.

Are Fossil Fuels a Renewable or Non-renewable Energy?

Energy has a tremendous hold over today’s modern society, it drives our lives and warms up our homes. With the day-to-day requirement for an alarming electricity increase, because of the remarkable industrial development and the wide-ranging utilization of electrical equipment and contrivances around the modern home, the availability of energy has come important beyond compare.

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With increased energy demand in the kind of electrical power and declining fossil fuel energy, it means that Alternative Energies and environmentally friendly green fuels to power our cars are now being developed. However, before we can discuss these “alternative energies” in more detail we need to understand what are fossil fuels and look at the current situation and where we are today.

Understanding the Current Energy Situation

From the age of steam until today this rapid rising in the use of energy has led to its own problems of supply and demand. This growing world energy demand has caused increased using and burning of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, just to create electricity and keep the lights on.

I really enjoy driving all around Iceland; be careful to not be out of fuel:)
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It’s almost 80 percent of the energy we today utilize descends from fossil fuels. The list of fossil fuels is rather brief with just 3 sorts of fossil fuel: coal, petroleum oil, and natural gas. We use these kinds of fossil fuels in huge quantities and for good reasons. It’s quite simple to store them and move them around the world. The stored fossil energy inside them can be liberated rapidly via combustion for cooking, heating as well as transportation.

So what do we mean by “Non-renewable Energy”?

Technically, a non-renewable resource is natural, it has been made by mother nature over millions of years from organic materials. These energy sources are commonly called “fossil fuels”, however, “What are fossil fuels?”. Fossil fuels are so-called because of the way they were created. Their collective name shows that  Fossil Fuels are bound to be formed from fossils, the age-old remains of dead plants and animals buried deep underground.