Deforestation can also be viewed as deletion of forests leading to certain imbalances ecologically and environmentally. What makes deforestation worrying is the direct and long term impacts it will undoubtedly deliver if this problem still continues. Several predictions express that the rainforests of the world will be totally destroyed if deforestation proceeds at its present pace. The following will be effects caused by deforestation and solution for this matter as well.

Several serious consequences of deforestation

1. Climate imbalance: Deforestation likewise influences the climate in more than one different ways. Trees release water vapor in the atmosphere, which is compromised on the absence of trees. Trees additionally give the required shade that keeps the soil moist. This result in the imbalance in the atmospheric temperature further making conditions for the biology problem. Flora and fauna over the world are familiar with their habitat. This indiscriminate deforestation have constrained many of these animals to move from their native environment. Because this certain species are finding it hard to live or adjust to new natural surroundings.

2. Increase in global warming: Trees play an important part in controlling global warming. The trees use the greenhouse gases, reestablishing the balance in the atmosphere. With consistent deforestation, the proportion of greenhouse gases in the environment has expanded, contributing to our dangerous global warming disaster.

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3. Soil erosion: Also because of the shade of trees the soil keeps moist. With the clearance of tree cover, the soil is directly displayed to the sun, making it dry.

4. Floods: When it rains, trees absorb and store enormous amount of water with the assistance of their roots. When they are chopped down, the flow of water is interrupted and result in floods in certain zones and droughts in other.

5. Wildlife extinction: Due to enormous felling down of trees, different types of animals are lost. They lose their habitat and compelled to move to new area. Some of them are even pushed to extinction. Our lives has lost such a significant number of species of plants and animals in most recent few decades.

The solution to deforestation

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  • The best solution for deforestation is to control the felling of trees, by utilizing a sequence of rules and laws to administer it. Deforestation in the present situation may have decreased though it would be too soon to assume. The money-churner that forests resources can be, is enticing enough for deforestation to proceed.
  • Clear cutting of woods must be forbidden. This will restrain absolute depletion of the forests cover. It is a down to earth arrangement and is truly doable.
  • Land skinned of its tree cover for urban settlements should be encourage to plant trees in the vicinity and replace the cut trees. Additionally, the cutting must be replaced by planting young trees to replace the older ones that were cut. Trees are being planted under certain projects every year, yet despite everything they don't meet the quantities of the ones we've lost.