Sea turtles have lived on Earth for around 110 million years. In any case, because of human movement, 6 of the 7 sea turtle species—green, Kemp's ridley, olive ridley, flatback, hawksbill, and leatherback—are presently named jeopardized. The seventh species, the loggerhead, is classified as threatened (prone to become an endangered species sooner rather than later). Notwithstanding, there are some simple method to help preserving these species.

Source your seafood responsibly

Sae turtles regularly become the "bycatch" of reckless sishing techniques. Teach yourself on how your fish was gotten and support organizations that advocate for the reasonable catching of fish. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch site and application enable you to look into explicit sorts of fish and decide whether they were responsibly sourced.

Photo by Fredrik Öhlander / Unsplash

Moreover, associations like Too Rare to Wear additionally have data on items that have been produced using turtle shells, similar to gems and souvenirs, which are regularly offered to traveler in tropical regions.

Dispose of contamination

Help make sea shores safe for turtles and other marine creatures by taking part in cleanups to help discard garbage from the sea shore. Doing so will likewise prevent more junk from entering the seas, decreasing the chances that a turtle may end up caught or eat it. Numerous local groups set up such cleanups every year, or you can arrange a sea shore tidy up day with certain companions.

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Tidying up the sea shore may likewise help make that areas habitable for turtles. Following a 2-year sea shore cleanup in Miami that expelled more than 11 million pounds of junk from the earth, olive ridley turtle hatchlings were spotted moving from the home to the sea, which had not happened in decades. Already, the turtles had the option to lay eggs on the sea shore however couldn't move in the rubbish.