Human overpopulation is really a burden for society. Over the past decades, the authorities around the globe have set numerous policies. Among these policies, potential solution is surely to control birth rate, but simultaneously raise human rights violations.

Potential solutions

The circumstance is critical. Lester Brown, President of Worldwatch, expressed in 1998, "The question is not whether population growth will slow in the developing countries, but whether it will slow because societies quickly shift to smaller families or because ecological collapse and social disintegration caused death rates to rise."

The most significant thing we as people can do is have less children. While reducing your own utilization of resources is commendable and may lessen your ecological footprint by 5%, 25%, or possibly half, having a child will be twofold your footprint, and having two children will be treble your footprint. It is for all intents and purposes out of the question to make up for reproducing by consuming less yourself.

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Albeit the majority of the population growth over the next few decades will occur in Asia and Africa, worldwide overpopulation is as much an issue for "developed" nations as it is for third world nations. Americans accounts for just five percent of the total population, however expend 26% of the world's energy. Since we consume far beyond the vast majority around the globe, we can have the most effect when we have fewer children or no children.

Universally, the United Nations Population Fund works for gender equality, access to birth control, and the education of women. As indicated by the UNFPA, "Some 200 million women who would like to use contraceptives lack access to them." Women had better be taught about family planning as well as for the most part. World Watch has found, "In every society where data are available, the more education women have the fewer children they bear."

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Correspondingly, the Center for Biological Diversity battles for "the strengthening of women, education of all people, universal access to birth control and a societal commitment to guaranteeing that all species are allowed to live and flourish."

Also, raising public consciousness is vital. While numerous natural associations emphasize on small strides with which not many can deviate, the point of human overpopulation is significantly more questionable. Some state that there is no matter, while others may consider it to be exclusively a third world issue. Similarly to some other animal rights issue, raising public consciousness will enable people to make up their informed mind.

Potential human rights violations

The answer for human overpopulation cannot involve human rights violations. China's one-child policy, however apparently effective in controlling population growth, has prompted human rights violations going from forced sterilizations to forced abortions and infanticide. Some population control defenders back offering money related incentives for people not to give birth, however this motivating force would focus on the least fortunate segment of society, coming about in racially and economically disproportionate population control. These unfair results can't be a piece of a feasible answer for human overpopulation.