Since drought is characterized as a shortage in water supply, it tends to be brought about by various elements. The most significant one however identifies with the measure of water vapor in the environment as this is the thing that makes precipitation. More rain, sleet, hail, and snow can happen where there are  moist, low-pressure air systems. On the off chance that there is an above average expected presence of dry, high-pressure air systems instead, less dampness is accessible to create precipitation (on the grounds that these systems can't hold as much water vapor). This cause a shortage of water for the regions over which they move.

Causes of drought

The same can likewise happen when winds move air masses and warm, dry, mainland air moves over a zone instead of cooler, damp, oceanic air masses. El Nino, which influences the sea's water temperature, additionally affects precipitation levels in light of the fact that, in years when the temperature cycle is present, it can move the air masses over the sea, regularly making wet spots dry (drought inclined) and dry spots wet.

Photo by Erin Schutt / Unsplash

Last but not least, deforestation for agriculture or potentially building joined with the resultant erosion can likewise make drought start because as the dirt is moved away from a territory it is less able to retain dampness when it falls.

Phases of drought

Since numerous regions, regardless of their climatic region, are inclined to drought, various meanings of the phases of drought have created. They are for the most part similar, be that as it may, normally ranging from a drought cautioning or watch, which is the least serious. This stage is announced when a drought could be drawing closer. The following stages are generally called drought emergency, catastrophe, or critical drought stage. This last stage starts after a drought has happened for a significant stretch and water sources start to be drained. During this stage, pbublic water use is constrained and frequently drought catastrophe plans are put into place.