In many seasons, air conditioners are very sought after. They can either cooled up a spot or warm it up, however we have all known about its effect on our health. Air conditioners have detrimental health effect on our bodies, however that isn't the main issue with air conditioner. It additionally has many negative effects on the earth itself. The following are a few reasons with respect to why these sought-after machines are unsafe.


ACs are complicated machines that are comprised of a wide range of parts which work in a few different ways. CFCs and HFCs are both cooling agents that are noticeable in conditioners which, when discharged, builds the gaps in the ozone after some time.

Older ACs depend on CFC and HCFC and add to a worldwide temperature alteration in a serious manner. Indeed, even more current models, which depend more on HFCs and HFOs play a large role in ozone consumption.

Energy use

Photo by Neven Krcmarek / Unsplash

ACs require loads of energy to work appropriately. It consumes so much power and thusly discharges contamination. At the point when fossil fuel is burned, carbon dioxide is likewise discharged into the air, also known as an ozone harming substance, which is a noteworthy commitment to ozone depletion.

The average and typical air conditioner will use around 3000 to 5000 watts of power each hour, rely on the season – the hotter, the more power utilized. This is unmistakably very unsafe to the earth, as well as very costly.

Unclean ducts

Note that ACs don't just influence the earth in a worldwide manner, it likewise affects it on a small scale as well. The ducts in each AC, after some time, gather residue and bacteria and each time the AC is turned on, both are discharged, and are harmful for people, particularly kids.

There are ductless mini-split brand however that pays attention more on the earth and security of individuals. Ductless mini-split brands are really strong and work in hotter atmospheres, for example, Middle East, Asia and Central and South America.

Materials used

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In the past ACs were essentially made out of metals. Despite the fact that throughout the years, individuals think that metal is excessively costly and excessively heavy, so they picked plastic. Albeit metal and plastic are both hurtful to nature, plastic is totally non-biodegradable, which makes it an enemy of the earth. The creation of plastic alone is incredibly unfavorable, as it also discharges carbon dioxide into the air and causes what we currently know as the nursery impact.