Plastics are slowly take over the world if we continue producing the harmful product. Now finding a way to reduce as much as the amount of plastics we throw out to the environment is very important. There are many ways to reuse our waste platic products.

1.Start a herb garden with empty 2-liter bottles

This project gets you additional green point. These can be cashed in for literally nothing. All things considered, possibly to sustain your eco-soul. In any case, upcycling 2-liter containers into sub-irregated grower is one of the more creative plastic jug projects. Follow these steps to make a herb garden from a reused container:

  • Expel the label from the container and clean inside.
  • Take a sharp item and poke drainage holes in the top third of the container.
  • Poke a hole in the side of the jug half-way down.
  • Fold a bit of paper over the jug.
  • Take a marker and trace a cutting line around the jug.
  • Cut along the jug on the line.
  • Flip over the jug top and add a piece of fabric.
  • Ensure the fabric is in contact with the dirt.

2.Make a piggy bank from a reused plastic bottle

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Reusing plastic containers can save you cash in more ways than one. Make a plastic container piggy bank and begin cashing in on your craftiness. You can paint the whole bottle so the amount inside is a secret. You can likewise leave it transparent so you can perceive how your sparing is progressing. Basically, this is a task that makes a great deal of pennies.

3.upcycle a lotion bottle into a charging dock

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It will be an incredible day when phones never again must be charged. Or if nothing else can get us through a three-hour Instagram scroll session. Until that day, we charge away. Make it simple on yourself and visitors by making a reused wireless charging dock. All you need is a salve bottle, a marker and a case shaper.

4.reuse honey bear bottles by making a lamp

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Teddy bears shouldn't be discarded. That is mor a fact than an opinion. When you're done with a container of honey, prepare to reuse and recycle. Figure out how to transform your honey bottle into a honey bear bottle light.