While a lot of people consider dismissing light pollution as the price of modern life, it has terrible impacts on everything around it. Particularly, the bad effects are for the 3 main factors as follows:

Animals – Lights can pull in or repulse animals and insects. Most animal life works on a diurnal or nocturnal system that is removed from synchronization by light pollution. This can put whole species in risk, or pull in undesirable species into human zones.

People – an inappropriate type of light, or a lot of light has been demonstrated to affect your health and life qualities. In addition, light pollution builds threat to people since it can interfere with significant navigational systems for trains, planes and even automobiles.

The Earth – The Earth's ecosystem is reliant on cycles of natural light. Sky Glow alone can bring about a loss in development protection as the reflected light off the atmosphere will avert the natural UV beams from arriving at the Earth. This damages development and decay cycles that our food, air and water supply rely on.

Dubai at sunrise
Photo by Piotr Chrobot / Unsplash

Solution to light pollution problem

There are two essential ways to deal with light pollution – planning and education. Planning implies more thought about how areas are zoned and where lights are put. It additionally means changing the kinds of lights used inside the home, signs and streetlamps to increasingly productive bulbs, and with a light output that isn't so damaging. Education is also a key. The more people comprehend the significance of switching off lights to preserve energy and lessen light pollution, the quicklier change will be seen.

Why aren’t solutions being put in place faster?

It is hard to change routines with people and it is costly to upgrade and replace what as of now exists. Gradually individuals and governments are perceiving the long time effect of presentation to light pollution and are seeing that protection expenses will give long time reserve funds as time goes on. Light pollution is getting more consideration nowadays and as education and consciousness improves, efforts will be made to diminish light pollution.