Natural gas is derived from fossil fuel, which indicates, it originates from remains of animals and plants that existed millions of years ago. These remaining parts were buried profoundly underneath the earth's surface and exposed to pressure heat found under the stone and soil beneath. These compressional forces converted the animal and plant remains into natural gas.

We've learnt that natural gas happens in reservoirs underneath the world's crust. In case that the gas attempts to float to the earth's surface, the layers of rock and soil trap it. Commonly, the areas where the natural gas is trapped are called pools. Be that as it may, the particles of the gas are, in all reality, held up in little cracks and holes all through the development of the stone.

Let’s check out the disadvantages of natural gas

It's highly combustible

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Since natural gas is highly combustible, misusing can prompt terrible explosions. This factor has driven people to avoid using it in vehicles. The fundamental issue with natural gas is that it is scentless and leaks can't be recognized except if some odorant has been added to it. It is because that LPG (residentially used gas) is suffused with odorants, that in case of a leak, recognition is simple and proper measure can be taken. It additionally happens in gaseous form rendering, it is very hard to deal with, in contrast with oil.

Non-renewable energy source

A few specialists consider natural gas a non-renewable energy source since its actual dependability can't be quantified. These specialists accept that it would be used up sooner or later, thus, it doesn't rank among man's search for sustainable energy source. While tremendous natural gas researches have been declared in the course of recent years, they will at last get depleted. In terms of renewable sources of energy, it is not as good as wind and solar energy.

Natural gas is a source of violence and terrorism

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Gas exploration happens in nations with the most terrible records of dictatorship, for example, the Middle East, and African nations. The income from natural gas sale finds way into pockets of these dictators who amass trillions of dollars each year. This occurrence drives up savagery since a portion of the oil and gas money end up in the hands of terror organizations.

Natural gas emits some quantities of greenhouse gas

The greatest drawback to natural gas is that it radiates carbon dioxide into the environment, which adds to climate change and global warming. In spite of the fact that nations that discharge most carbon dioxide have stepped up efforts to limit discharges, real advances presently can't seem to be taken. Though natural gas is viewed as a cleaner source of energy than coal and oil, certain specialists disagree with this assertion claiming that if you take a look at the lifetime impact of gas mining to the final use, it could probably be much more dangerous to Mother Nature than oil.