Understanding Batteries and how we can use them in an off-grid or stand-alone system isn't as hard as you may suppose. Recently we use batteries in just regarding each electrical device, to power our phones, laptops, remote controls, lamps or other such portable equipment and there's an unclear range of battery types and sizes to do simply that, so why not use batteries to power our homes.

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Batteries store electrical energy on their internal plates in the type of a chemical charge, and once totally charged, a perfect battery could store this potential energy indefinitely until released through an externally connected load. However, batteries aren't ideal and because of internal leakage currents or parasitic loads, batteries will slowly discharge themselves once not in use but till then they can store electrical energy for extremely long periods. Then we can say that A battery may be a powerful device capable of storing and producing electricity until it's needed.

Electrical energy in the type of a DC (Direct Current) source has been created a battery as the result of a chemical reaction that happens between 2 metal plates, one referred to as the positive electrode and the other called the negative electrode that is both immersed chemical solution called an electrolyte.

This electrolytic solution can be classed as “dry”, as an example a lithium powder type as you would realize in a standard AA battery, or “wet”, a liquid kind as you would realize in a lead-acid car battery. Either approach the combination of 2 different electrodes placed in an electrolyte forms the basis of one battery cell.

Batteries type 2 basic types, Primary Batteries and there are Secondary Batteries. Primary batteries are your typical use once and throw away batteries from small 1.5 V flat button and cylindrical AA and aaa type batteries, through to the larger square 9.0 V PP3 and spring terminal lantern batteries.

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A primary battery cannot be recharged. However, secondary batteries are rechargeable kind batteries from the small AA types for your tv remote control to the rechargeable batteries for your power tools to car batteries and through to the larger deep cycle batteries used for electric vehicles and provide house power loads throughout the night.

The type of battery needed depends on the application and power discharging requirements, and this is additionally true of solar-powered battery systems. There is no good buying one kind of battery since it's low cost if it discharges after just one hour of use.

Then the ampere-hour rating (Ah) of a battery is a vital specification to understanding battery storage capacity and also the amount of electrical current it can provide over a particular time before needing to be recharged.