The most effective approach for every people to minimize climate change is to become carbon neutral in our own lives. Fortunately, there are 2 quick, however, terribly effective actions we can take to win this:

1.Switch to 100% Renewable Electricity: in the U.S. and Canada, head over to the green-e certified site and choose the Renewable Electricity choice.

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Photo by Thomas Kelley / Unsplash

If no suppliers are offered for your area, choose the Renewable Energy Certificate and choose one of the certified companies providing choices nationwide. It solely takes a couple of minutes to register, the charge for renewable energy is competitive and you will solely receive one bill for all electricity and gas charges. Any outages will go on be handled by your local utility.

  • Increasing renewable energy sources helps diminish costs for renewables. This is what's going to drive the widespread adoption of sustainable energy sources regardless of government policies.
  • Making your energy alternative clear helps shift your local utility company toward providing renewable choices.  
  • Switching to renewables reduces demand for building new polluting energy plants and makes it clear to your politicians that you no longer want them to support polluting energy sources.
  • And, of course, it'll directly reduce/offset your emissions.

2. Buy Carbon Offsets: the green-e certified site additionally lists certified carbon offset companies. Your chosen organization will assist you to calculate your remaining carbon emissions and set up a payment plan. Prices are cheap (about the price of a latte a month per person).

Benefits: buying carbon offsets is an incredibly effective way to both offset your emissions nowadays and directly help develop solutions for reducing emissions long-term.

Quick Pick: TerraPass is a well-respected carbon offset company that makes it simple to calculate your emissions and get a monthly offset plan. Projects consist of building wind farms and installing equipment to convert landfill gas and animal waste into energy.