1. SolarWorld Solar Panels

SolarWorld is the Germany-based organization which sells its solar panels universally also. They are most notable for the best monocrystalline technology with both mono and bifacial features. Additionally, they offer a considerable product guarantee of 20 years which is twofold than most other solar panel manufacturers.


As far as effectiveness, SolarWorld solar panels fluctuate contingent upon the modular. By and large, proficiency can go from 14.9% to 17.6%. These solar panels are a financially savvy decision for some homes as a result of their high productivity.


To assess solar panel execution, we have to think about the temperature coefficient. When picking your solar panel, you have to remember that your solar panel will see increasingly hot days during the year, so it's great to choose a solar panel with the most reduced temperature coefficient conceivable. SolarWorld offers standard temperature coefficient appraisals, extending from - 0.43 to - 0.40.


The value you will pay for a solar panel vigorously relies upon not just all the gear utilized in the establishment of solar panels (counting inverters and mounts) yet additionally on the structure of your rooftop. Most SolarWorld solar panels' value extends from $2.73 to $3.11 which is a fairly moderate cost when contrasted with other solar panels. At the end of the day, for a normal 6 kW framework, your gross expense would be somewhere in the range of $14,950 to $19,050.

SolarWorld solar panels offer a decent determination of products with standard effectiveness, execution, and guarantees at a sensible cost. Moreover, this manufacturer additionally delivers in the United States which is basic data for some solar panel customers.

Here is a portion of the basic reasons why SolarWorld solar panels can be arranged as one of the top solar panels available:

  • They are delivered in America also and have a great system of nearby installers around America
  • They are notable for having exceptional quality, and they put a great deal in their image

2. REC Solar Panel

REC Solar Panel is one of the most prevalent and driving European brands of solar panels. It was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Norway, yet it creates its solar panels in Singapore also. Curiously, this line of solar panels offers six arrangement of solar panels for private and business frameworks:

  • Twinpeak 2
  • Twinpeak 2 BLK2
  • Twinpeak 2 Mono
  • Twinpeak 2S Mono 72
  • Twinpeak 2S 72
  • N-Peak


REC' product line panels proficiency is somewhere in the range of 16.5% and 19.8% which puts these panels in the "standard" effectiveness class.


The guarantee is another pivotal factor when picking the privilege solar panel for your family unit. While most solar panel manufacturers offer a ten-year materials guarantee, REC gives a limit of 20-year guarantee against any imperfections in their solar panels.


The vast majority of REC's solar PV frameworks are commonly evaluated somewhere in the range of $2.44 and $3.06 per watt, which makes them a solid incentive in the market for home solar panels.

This implies your gross expense for a normal of 6 kW would be somewhere in the range of $14,640 to $18,360.

Key advantages of REC solar panels

  • Power production up to 315W and effectiveness up to 17%
  • Panel edges are intended to forestall ice harms and help in snow slippage
  • Intended to withstand overwhelming burdens and wind
  • 25 year straight power ensure – Guaranteed least execution level of 80.2% before the part of the bargain year
  • 10-year product guarantee
  • Improved power yield in low and diffuse conditions (for example dawn, nightfall and overcast climate)

Since January 2019 all REC TwinPeak and N-top panels accompany a standard 20-year product guarantee just as diminished degradation rates making it perhaps the best guarantee available.

3. Hyundai Solar Panels

Hyundai Green Energy is the solar division of Hyundai Heavy Industries and has been in solar business since 2004. The organization creates its panels in South Korea, and it offers three product lines of private solar panels:

  • RF Series
  • RG Series
  • RG Black Series

Hyundai Solar is one of the biggest and the longest PV cell and module manufacturers in South Korea giving high calibre solar PV products to over 3000 clients around the world. It guarantees the best quality modules to clients worldwide by assembling cutting edge innovation cells and modules.


Hyundai Solar Panels have an effectiveness rating between 14.2 % and 18.4% which places them in a "standard" class. Those with "proficiency rating" of 15% or under, fall into the "economy" effectiveness class.


As to execution, Hyundai solar panels have temperature coefficients going from - 0.45 to - 0.41.


Hyundai offers a 5-year guarantee for a portion of its panels, yet their more current panels accompany a 10-year materials guarantee.


Most Hyundai solar systems are normally priced somewhere in the range of $2.69 and $3.09 per watt, which puts them beneath normal in the market for home solar. At the end of the day, your gross cost for a normal 65 kW system would be from $16,140 to $18,540.

Here is a portion of the advantages of Hyundai solar systems:

  1. RW arrangement of Hyundai solar panels is appropriate for extraordinary climate conditions including salt and desert conditions.
  2. Hyundai offers ten years product guarantee and 25 years execution guarantee
  3. Hyundai's solar modules/panels can be utilized in a wide range of solar tasks like:
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial office
  • Utility-scale solar ranches
  • Floating solar ventures

4. Sharp Solar Panels

The Japanese hardware company, Sharp, has been existing for more than 100 years. They began putting resources into the advancement and the exploration of their solar panels in 1959 and has been fruitful in that from that point forward. The panels are produced in both the United States and Japan which is the reason they qualify as American Made merchandise.

Sharp offers an assortment of polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels whose efficiencies are higher than 20%. Here are a few insights concerning the three best and prevalent solar panels:


This module is the most powerful module with a yield of 360W and 72 cells. Nonetheless, its productivity is marginally lower – 18,5% (despite the fact that this is as yet thought about a higher proficiency).

NQR258H and NQR256A

Both of these solar panels are very productive as they reach up to 20%. They are 48 cell modules with very smaller measurements, and they weigh just 17 kg. Interestingly, you can introduce them either representation or scene which enables you to adjust it to your condition all the more effectively without investing an excessive amount of energy introducing it.

Primary features

Sharp solar panels have an effectiveness rating of 14.4%, which is good. They are intended to hold 60 cells for each panel, and they can offer 235-watt most extreme power. 8.05 amps as the top power present and 29.2 volts of the greatest power voltage.

The Sharp ND-F2Q235 model can work pleasantly in temperatures running from 40 degrees beneath zero to 194 F.

They offer quite great guarantees: a 25-year guarantee on power yield, ensuring ten years at 90 percent of the base power appraised yield and 15 years at 80 percent. What's more, Sharp offers a 10-year guarantee on the module materials and workmanship meaning the organization will supplant or fix the panels that appear to be broke down without being brought about by the purchaser.

Key advantages:

  • Sharp solar panels are made in Germany
  • They offer a ten-year product guarantee
  • Their effectiveness is up to 290W/17.6%
  • They have ensured positive power resistance from 0 to +5%

5. Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar (NYSE: JKS) is another global pioneer in the solar business. This organization conveys its solar products and sells its answers and administrations in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and different nations and areas. Jinko Solar was named the most "bankable" PV manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) among other 57 modules.

The top motivation behind why we chose to incorporate Jinko on this rundown is an abnormal state of execution and unwavering quality of Jinko solar panel modules.


The proficiency of your JinkoSolar panels relies upon the particular model that you decide for your system. Panels in JinkoSolar's product line have an effectiveness rating of 15.57% to 18.57% which puts JinkoSolar panels in the "standard" productivity classification.


JinkoSolar panels have temperature coefficients extending from - 0.40 to - 0.39.


Most JinkoSolar PV systems are priced somewhere in the range of $2.41 and $3.15 per watt, which makes them a decent incentive for cash in the market for home solar. Put just, for a normal 6 kW system, your gross cost would be somewhere in the range of $14,460 to $18,900.

Jinko solar panels have brilliant optimisers.

Jinko produces brilliant modules that have worked in DC optimisers which expand their yield by decreasing misfortunes from panel concealing and dirtying.

The accompanying table demonstrates an examination between some major solar panel manufacturers on the present market and this one will be a summary masterminded by the accompanying progression:


  1. Manufacturer: 14 %
  2. % Share: 19.9% - 21.5%
  3. Effectiveness: - .35% to - .29%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 25 years
  5. Location: China, Mexico, Philippines

LG Electronics  

  1. Manufacturer: 13 %
  2. % Share: 16.8% - 20.8%
  3. Effectiveness: - .42% to - .30%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 15 - 25 years
  5. Location: Korea


  1. Manufacturer:  13 %
  2. %Share: 16.29% - 17.89%
  3. Effectiveness: - .42% to - .39%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 20 years  
  5. Location: US, Germany

REC Solar

  1. Manufacturer: 10 %
  2. %Share: 16.5% - 18%
  3. Effectiveness: - .36%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 10 years
  5. Location: Singapore


  1. Manufacturer: 9.5 %    
  2. %Share: 18.3% - 19.9%
  3. Effectiveness: - .39% to - .37%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 12 years
  5. Location: China

Canadian Solar  

  1. Manufacturer: 8.8 %    
  2. %Share: 16.16% - 19.15%  
  3. Effectiveness:  - .41% to - .37%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 10 years
  5. Location: China, Canada


  1. Manufacturer: 6.7 %    
  2. %Share: 15.3% - 18.3%
  3. Effectiveness: - .40%
  4. Temp Coefficent:10 years
  5. Location: South Korea

Jinko Solar

  1. Manufacturer: 6.3 %    
  2. %Share: 16.49% - 18.82%  
  3. Effectiveness: -.40% to - .39%    
  4. Temp Coefficent: 10 years  
  5. Location:  China

Trina Solar

  1. Manufacturer: 6.0 %
  2. %Share: 16.8% - 19.2%
  3. Effectiveness: - .41% to - .39%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 10 years
  5. Location: China

Yingli Solar

  1. Manufacturer: 1.4 %
  2. %Share: 15.6% - 17.9%
  3. Effectiveness: - .42%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 10 years
  5. Location: China

Kyocera Solar

  1. Manufacturer:1.3 %
  2. %Share:14.75% - 16.11%
  3. Effectiveness: - .45%
  4. Temp Coefficent:10 years
  5. Location:Mexico, US


  1. Manufacturer: 1.2 %
  2. %Share: 22.09%
  3. Effectiveness: - .26%
  4. Temp Coefficent: 25 years
  5. Location: Japan