Picking the suitable solar panel for your family isn't a simple task. From the exhibition and productivity to the cost and the quality, there are numerous options you have to consider when decide which one will be the best one. There are more than one hundred solar panel manufacturers on the market.

To pick the best quality solar panel for your home, we completed a top to bottom investigation of the market and made a list of the top solar panels on the planet. We additionally laid out the best solar panel manufacturers in 2019.

1.LG Energy

LG Energy is a world-driving and top-selling solar panel on the planet. Its panels have a top-notch scope of value, superior and are amazingly reliable. LG Energy solar panels offer 25-year product and execution guarantee and are extremely prevalent in Europe, USA and Australia. Neon 2 and Neon R modules utilize high-grade N-type cells and are without a doubt one of the most famous solar panels in Australia. They are exceptionally appraised among clients not just as a result of their great look (they have dark anodised aluminium outlines) yet their development quality is of the most elevated standard.

Not like different manufacturers who produce a scope of mono and poly-crystalline panels, LG creates solely mono-crystalline cells which are profoundly effective and have a lower degradation level. Also, LG additionally utilizes Lily innovation to diminish light-initiated degradation.

LG offers a little scope of modules:

  • Mono X Plus – 300W
  • Neon 2 – 330-335W
  • Neon R – 360-370W

Quality and Sturdiness

What separates LG from the remainder of the producers is the way that its solar panels have very solid two-fold divider aluminium outlines on all modules. They have 6000 Pa rating on the front side and noteworthy 5400 evaluations on the backside for wind stacking.

Quality and Performance

LG utilizes two EL glimmer tests to ensure no phones with imperfections get past during the production procedure. These cells have an amazingly long haul execution as far as low light-initiated degradation. This improves the general execution and increases the value of the quality. It additionally expands vitality age with 86-88% limit staying even following 25 years.

As indicated by the most recent research directed by DNV LG, an autonomous testing association, LG Mono X is evaluated as a "top entertainer".

Guarantee and Service

Like SunPower, LG offers both a 25-year product and execution guarantee while most different makers just give a ten-year product guarantee period. This sort of guarantee assumes a huge job in picking a solar panel for your home and demonstrates that LG has an abnormal state of trust in their products.

LG Performance Warranty

  • LG Mono X – 25 years to 86%
  • LG Neon 2 – 25 years to 86%
  • LG Neon R – 25 years to 88%
  • LG Product Warranty
  • LG Mono X – 15 years
  • LG Neon 2 – 25 years
  • LG Neon R – 25 years

2. Panasonic Solar Panels

Panasonic is a major name in the innovation business yet has been picking up notoriety as of late for being one of the top makers of solar panels. What makes this brand stand out from the lay available is the way that LG put very nearly 40 years in the examination and development which reflects itself in the solar panel quality and execution.

Panasonic offers four kinds of solar panels in its HIT range. These solar panels are made of monocrystalline silicon which boosts the effectiveness just as the quality.

Beneath this will be a rundown arranged by the following succession:

  • Panel
  • Type
  • Most extreme Power (watts)
  • Most extreme Efficiency
  • Direct Power Output
  • WarrantyProduct
  • WarrantyDimensions (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
  1. HIT N325 K KURO - black  /  mono /  325  /  19,4%  /  25 years  /  25 years  /  1590 x 1053 x 40  /  19kg
  2. HIT N330 Powerful  /  mono /  330 / 19,7% / 25 years / 25 years / 1590 x 1053 x 40 / 19kg
  3. HIT N245 Slim  /  mono  /  245  /  19,4%  /  25 years  /  25 years  /  1580 x 798 x 35  /  15kg
  4. HIT N295 compact  /  mono  /  295  /  19,1%  /  25 years  /  25 years  /  1463 x 1053 x 35  /  18kg

The solar panels Panasonic offers are dark have a customary look. Like SunPower and LG, Panasonic offers a 25-year product guarantee.


Panasonic HIT range beats other solar panel pioneers on the regularly expanding business sector with its exceptional temperature coefficient of - 0.258%/°C, which gives more vitality for the day.

Pyramid Structure

Panasonic Solar Panels has a one of a kind pyramid structure that collects daylight and sun vitality all the more effectively by decreasing reflection and coordinating light inside the cells. This makes greater power yield for your home.

Heterojunction Technology

Other than fine structure, Panasonic utilizes heterojunction innovation which incorporates ultra-meagre undefined silicon layers which diminish misfortunes and results in higher vitality yield than customary panels.

The Highest Testing Standards

Panasonic has 20 years of experience fabricating HIT® just as 20 inside tests directed which demonstrate the extraordinary quality affirmation.

Panasonic models include:

HIT Powerful 330W

  • This module is Panasonic's most dominant module in the range at 330W and is additionally the most vitality productive module at 19.7 %. The most intriguing actuality is that it arrives at this power level with the main 1.67m² of the surface which is around 25% more power than other similar panels. It has an anodized dark edge which makes the monochrome appearance and makes the panels cleaner consistently.

HIT Slim 245W

  • This Panasonic solar panel module is explicitly intended for littler rooftops planned for boosting vitality age for littler surfaces and less space. It is 160cm long and under 80 cm wide which makes it effectively versatile to numerous establishments. Over that its plan empowers blended representation and scene establishment. Additionally, its anodized dark edge accompanies water corner seepage.

HIT Kuro Black 325W

  • This stunning module separates itself available for being both stylishly engaging and solid. It can withstand wind and a snow heap of 5400 Pa and has interesting water waste corners, which enables it to clean itself and limit dust aggregation. Every one of these highlights empowers simpler upkeep and better long haul execution. It is altogether dark and has The counter reflection glass which limits proficiency misfortunes and expands vitality ingestion.

HIT Compact 295W

  • Even though this module is under 150cm long, it conveys a generally high intensity of 295W. Furthermore, its little size permits more columns of panels on a rooftop to expand the yield. Like the other HIT modules, It is done with an anodized dark edge with water corner waste.

3. Canadian Solar Panel

Canadian Solar was established in 2001 in Canada, and it offers a wide scope of panels including six lines ((Ku Modules, Dymond, SuperPower, MaxPower, All-Black and Standard). Ku Module was presented in 2017 and has separated itself in light of the flawless productivity of 19.15 %. Additionally, the Canadian Dyamond arrangement of panels has a 300-watt monocrystalline arrangement of 18.33% which makes it one of the most effective solar panels available.

The fundamental motivation behind why they are classified as a standout amongst other solar panel makers right now available in the worth they offer, their notoriety for assembling quality control and their stable money related position.


Canadian Solar Panels have a quite decent guarantee. Their warrant 97,5% year one and a yearly degradation pace of 0,5%. As such, they are justified around 93 yields at ten years and over 83% at 25 years. Along these lines, their guarantee is quite like the guarantee offered by surely understood brands, for example, LG and Sunpower.


Canadian Solar Panels have most extreme normal panel productivity of 18,33% from its 300MS panel which places them in the gathering of level 2 and level 3 players. Be that as it may, they are still not as productive as the most proficient makers available – Sunpower and LG.

The Cost

We previously referenced that one reason why Canadian Solar Panels are sorted as extraordinary compared to other solar panel producers available is its cost. A completely introduced Canadian solar framework comes at a truly reasonable cost of $2,80 per watt. On the off chance that you consider that 30% expense credit falls off this value, it is an astounding idea for some mortgage holders.

Here is the rundown of the most proficient Canadian solar panels

Underneath this will be a summary orchestrated by the accompanying progression:

  • Panel
  • Type
  • Greatest Power (watts)
  • Greatest Efficiency
  • Direct Power Output
  • WarrantyProduct
  • WarrantyDimensions (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
  1. HiDM CS1U-410MS    /mono    /410/19,89%    /25 years    /10 years    992 x 1700 x 35    /19.2
  2. KuDymond CS3U-MS-FG/mono/380/19,15%/30 years/10 years/2000 x 992 x 5.8    /29
  3. KuMax CS3U-0MS/mono/380    /19,15%/25 years/10 years    2000 x 992 x 35    /22.5
  • Dyamond (these panels are described by a warmth reinforced glass which makes them climate-safe and strong)
  • All-dark – these panels have a dark complexion and are monocrystalline
  • HiKu – these solar panels are polycrystalline with high power yield up to 405W
  • HiDM – these solar panels are monocrystalline, and their cells arrive at high productivity up to 19.89%
  • MaxPower – these are 72 cell panels, polycrystalline
  • Standard – these are 60 cell panels, polycrystalline
  • BiKu – these solar panels have PV cells on the two sides which builds power yield by up to 30

Smart Panels

Canadian Solar's SmartDC modules have Solaredge DC optimisers incorporated into the panels. A DC optimiser diminishes misfortunes from panel crisscross and concealing, and Solaredge is an organization that makes them. This builds solar panel yield by up to 25% under the correct conditions.

4. Sunpower

Sunpower organization was established in 1985 and is at present among the top solar panel producers. Its worldwide base camp is situated in California, USA. As far back as they were built up, they have created an aggregate of 18,000,000 MWh of vitality in private, business and utility solar vitality markets. Sunpower has over 200 licenses for solar innovation and is right now at the fore bleeding edge of the solar PV industry.

Although the costs are higher than the standard panels, the value coordinates the quality. Its exceptional productivity of 19.5 – 21.5 % and 25-year guarantee are what makes it one of the top-performing solar panels in the market. As far as productivity and guarantee, costs are higher than standard panels.

Primary highlights

Solar Panels are outstanding for their capacity to produce 70% more vitality than other solar panels. Also, they have a strong copper back which is predominantly impervious to consumption, which is the reason they beat most regular panels.

SunPower' Maxeon innovation assumes a fundamental job since it enables panels to retain more daylight.

SunPower has an arrival pace of just 27 panels for every million sold which makes it one of the most solid solar panel modules available.


Sunpower offers great 21,5% normal panel proficiency, which means they create more power and occupy less room on the rooftop. For example, Sunpower's 360W panel makes 40% more power, and they lose their capacity yield slower than different panels. Generally, the production over the lifetime of the framework is 60% more prominent.


Sunpower offers a 12-year auxiliary guarantee which is known as "product guarantee" which is somewhat longer than a ten-year industry standard. With regards to straight power yield guarantee, Sunpower offers 25 years with a 2% degradation in the main year and 0.6% every year degradation in the next years. The guarantee covers the entire framework. Remember that Sunpower sells its panels utilizing a system of restrictive vendors, which means they you will be unable to discover Sunpower panels with each nearby installer.

The Cost

When picking the privilege solar panel for your home, the cost assumes a noteworthy job. Despite the fact that it is somewhat hard to see the discount cost of Sunpower solar panels, it appears that retail frameworks are accessible with a level one string inverter for around $3.50 per watt if you are getting it in real money. They are sold as a superior offering, and their cost is about 0.40 pennies per watt more than other driving brands available.

Key favourable circumstances

There is a valid justification for why Sunpower has the most productive solar panels utilized generally in the private market. Throughout the years they have essentially put resources into their image and their solar panels by and large. Their solar panels have the most noteworthy PTC appraisals fundamentally in light of their exceptional temperature coefficient. In addition, they have joined creative advancements while remembering the clients' needs and in general fulfilment.

Sunpower Awards

  • Sunpower was the principal US sustainable power source organization that won the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) silver declaration for their solar panels. (this is one of the strictest supportability measures)
  • Sunpower' Helix System won the Architect's Newspaper Best of Products Award
  • SunPower supplies the panels behind Solar Impulse 2