A recent study revealed in the Marine Policy journal identified and ranked the foremost harmful forms of garbage on marine animals. This is often the primary study of its kind, because it doesn’t simply pinpoint the quantity of trash within the oceans however the precise impact completely different kinds of trash have on marine life.

1. Most threatening pollutant: lost fishing gear

Carelessly discarded traps, buoys, fishing line and fishing nets are the leading explanation for death and injury to marine animals. These lost things are coined “ghost gear” as a result of they disappear out to ocean however aren't really gone. Instead, they present haunting threats to several life forms. Seals, ocean turtles and seabirds are among the foremost seemingly to be injured.

We fished right until the sun set past the mountains before pulling in the rods and heading back to Vancouver for dinner.
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How you'll be able to help: If you go fishing confirm to use correct practices and ne'er discarding something within the ocean. Responsibly keep track of all fishing gear.

2. Most threatening pollutant: plastic bags

All of these plastic bags handed out at grocery stores and retail outlets are making a giant downside to the health and overall existence of marine animals. Animals typically consume plastic bags or become trapped inside of them, resulting in injury, suffering and even death.

A single use plastic bag seen floating through the water. These are the consequences of our convenient lifestyles, and separation from nature. Spend some time outdoors and you'll see the plastic problem everywhere. YOU can help by using less plastic at home, and supporting local, sustainable businesses. Follow on Instagram @wildlife_by_yuri
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How you'll be able to help: say no to plastic bags in exchange for reusable tote bags made up of recycled materials.

3. Most threatening pollutant: plastic eating utensils

Plastic forks, spoons and knives aren't as innocent as they seem. Plastic utensils become even more dangerous once being broken down into smaller, sharper and more ingestible fragments. these things stay among the foremost deadly as a result of they're simply mistaken for food by seabirds and marine animals.

Found these single use plastic utensils during a recent beach cleanup in New York. During the Summer our beaches get crowded, garbages fill up quickly, and plastic debris flies away with the wind. Bring less plastic with you to the beach in the first place, and help prevent this from happening. Follow on Instagram @wildlife_by_yuri
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How you'll be able to help: Ditch the plastic utensils for real silverware, it'd be a lot of work to scrub it up however it’s well worthwhile.

4. Most threatening pollutant: balloons

A favorite party favor among children and adults, balloons could appear fun however they're extremely deadly to marine life. folks typically release balloons up into the sky (intentionally and non-intentionally). because the balloon climbs higher and higher the helium expands. Once it reaches 28,000-feet, freezing cold temperatures at this altitude cause the balloon to freeze. As a result, the balloon ruptures into many small slivers released to the ground. These deadly fragments typically end up in our oceans.

A single-use plastic balloon we found along the beach. When you realease a plastic balloon into the air - what goes up, must come down. During Summer months we find endless plastic balloons littering our beaches and waterways. Do everyone a favor and find a new way to celebrate special events, because we're sick of cleaning up after your celebrations. Follow on Instagram @wildlife_by_yuri
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How you'll be able to help: find other fun party favors that are more eco-friendly. Balloons are faraway from your only choice.

5. Most threatening pollutant: cigarette butts

According to the Coastal Cleanup program, cigarette butts remain the foremost usually found kind of debris on beaches over the last thirty years. simply mistaken for food, cigarette butts are a deadly and harmful pollutant capable of greatly harming innocent animals.

Yeah, I had a stop for one and took the ugliest photograph ever on Unsplash ;)
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How you'll be able to help: Don’t smoke, it’s unhealthy for your health, the surroundings and ocean animals too. Anyone that does smoke ought to responsibly dispose of all cigarette butts and never toss on the ground—no matter how far from the beach you may be.