Environmental problem is always the top news concerned about in the world. Today, this article is going to talk about top 5 countries that cause the most pollution in the world.

1.China (30%)

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No other country on Earth emits as much smoggy as China. Amount of greenhouse gas that China emitting is equal to the amount of greenhouse gas in America plus Russia, Canada, and Japan. If polluting was an Olympic sport, China would always gain gold medals every season.

It must have not needed to repeat all the stories of China’s toxic air. The deadly smog that suffocates entire regions. It is too hard to see a few meters in front of your face due to a thick smog in Beijing. Also, the studies that have compared breathing this country’s air to being as bad for you as smoking.

2. United States (15%)

Liberty City
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This is a country with the world’s biggest industrial and commercial power. Although in recent times it has led the most important initiatives to combat climate change, however, the practice of the great majority has been demonstrated to be insufficient. Neither is its pollution levels limited to big cities and a lot of rural areas are also beginning to realize the consequences.

3. India (7%)

Entering the Taj Mahal at the sunrise… The view was breathtaking!
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Fourteen out of the world’s fifteen most contaminated cities are in India, says the World Health Organization. The country has built a law protecting air quality since 1981, however, the burning of fossil fuels has grown strongly, which leads to India occupies third place in the ranking of the most polluting countries in the world.

4. Russia (5%)

I was a bit drunk, actually can’t remember how I pulled the trigger with this one, but the result is above average, I think.
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The biggest country in the world geographically appears in this ranking for its high dependence on products such as oil, coal, gas and fossil fuels. Additionally, in the past few decades, it has suffered from several environmental emergencies and has high levels of deforestation and animal hunting.

5. Japan (4%)

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Finally, the great Asian power that only stands after China's economy also appeared to complete this list. Japan is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels in the world and the fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This situation is due to its high level of urban development and industry that seems to care little for nature.