This article is going to discuss how to make your hotel green, which starts with your staff and recycling.


  • Create a 'green team' at your hotel with the goal of continual improvement and scheduled re-evaluation and news.
  • Create an incentive program to encourage your employees to participate in and improve upon environmentally-friendly practices.
  • Regardless of your hotel size, think about writing an Environmental, Social and Governance report to help focus in on areas for improvement and as a format for communicating your green practices to your guests.
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  • Get your building or operations certified through LEED (LEED operations and maintenance), Green Key world, Green Seal, green Globe, Travelife, EarthCheck or Audubon International Green Lodging. Trip Advisor's GreenLeader program will facilitate promote your work. Extra certification programs: green hotel certification programs and a list of certifiers (Green Lodging News).
  • Provide yearly employees training on green practices throughout the buildings and grounds and post informational posters in break rooms and guest areas.
  • Educate your employees to:
    - Turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning in unoccupied rooms or employee-only areas.
    - Continually check for and reply to leaking faucets and bathrooms.
    - Close/open drapes to minimize the need for heating/air conditioning.
    - Continually check for and power down unused hotel equipment (i.e., kitchen exhaust fans) that have been left running.
    - Report opportunities decrease resource consumption.
    - Make sure all rooms have linen reuse cards for both towels and sheets.

Recycling and Waste

Let's save our planet! If the world needs changes, we should be its changers!
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  • Provide guest room recycler baskets for the newspaper, paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, metal, and plastic.
  • Provide recycling bins both in non-private areas (i.e., poolside), in the room, and in the back office (including one at every desk) to make recycling as simple as possible.
  • Seek out approaches to recycle or donate hard-to-recycle things (such as Styrofoam, packaging peanuts, planting pots, toiletries, bubble wrap, plastic bags, used mattresses, vegetable oil (biodiesel), furniture, flooring) in your area and build an obvious storage bin with signage to encourage employees and guests to throw these things into the separate bin.
  • Learn about the local risky waste collection (i.e., paint, coating, printer cartridges, mercury CFL bulbs, electronics, batteries) and keep a separate bin to store these for drop off.