Air is one of the few things that you truly can't manage without. At least on the off chance that you need to keep on living. As the population on the earth gets greater and gincreasing amounts of the globe become industrialized cityscape, the nature of air is a serious ecological concern. Poor air quality can lead not only to expanded cases of respiratory infection, but also to worldwide issues, for example, acid rain, as CO2 levels in the atmosphere rise.

Luckily, nature has given us an approach to balance this impact. That is trees, which convert CO2 back to breathable oxygen, it is a result of photosynthesis that keeps us alive. Unfortunately, we have been chopping down those trees which means that if we produce more CO2, we have less to convert the gasses back with.

That is the reason why scientists at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy at Columbia University, driven by Dr. Klaus Lackner, have created a faux tree that should carry out the responsibility of a real tree. The machine, that was created by Dr Lackner, and Mario Caceres and Christian Canonico of Influx_Studio, is intended to pull CO2 from the air and release oxygen instead. The project's result, called the Boston Treepod Initiative is intended to resemble the dragon blood tree. The dragon blood tree was chosen in view of its wide branches and umbrella style of tops that can support the bigger sized solar panel that power the tree.

After a time of experimentation it was determined that the tress couldn't be controlled by the sun alone. Rather than depending on plugs or batteries the additionally power will be the kenetic energy of people. The groves of tree pods will be pared with loungers and see-saws that will power the gadgets.