the Earth is getting hotter and hotter due to greenhouse gases. Beside human, there are many other kinds of animals that are deeply efftected by the negative change of environment. Let's take a look of the two adorable animals that are most endangered by glovabl warming.

The Arctic fox

Sitting and observing
Photo by Jonatan Pie / Unsplash

Just like its name, the Arctic fox can endure temperatures as low as 50 degrees beneath zero (Fahrenheit). What it can't endure is rivalry from red foxes, which have been bit by bit moving northward as Arctic temperatures moderate in the wake of the dangerous global warming. With decreasing snow cover, the arctic fox can't depend on its winter layer of white fur for disguise, so red foxes discover it more simple to find and defeat their competition. (Regularly the red fox would be kept in check itself by the gray wolf, however this bigger canid has been hunted to near-total extinction by humans, leaving red fox populaces to flood unchecked.)

The Beluga whale

Photo by Mendar Bouchali / Unsplash

In contrast to different creatures on this list, the beluga whale isn't all that negatively affected by global warming (or at least, it isn't any more powerless against an global warming than some other sea-dwelling creature). Or maybe, warming worldwide temperatures have made it simpler for well-meaning tourists to go to Arctic waters on whale-watching experience, which distracts belugas from their typical exercises. In the intrusive presence of vessels, these whales have been known to quit eating and breeding, and the ambient noise of motors can interrupt their ability to communicate, navigate, and recognize prey or moving toward dangers.