Extremist Gabby Tan's mission is to bring issues to light about the risks looked by our seas, and the need to secure them. She addressed us about her interests and what inspires her.

While we've been inflicting deep injuries on our planet's ecosystems for a long time, oceans and seas have encountered unparalleled destruction, particularly in the previous thirty years. All are in grave danger, suffocated by a growing measure of plastic, ravaged by unsustainable fishing and evermore acidic due to the toxic gases our species is pouring into the environment.

However, we still appear to be indifferent to the plight of marine creatures, and we feel disconnected from the destruction of the underwater world. Not every person, in any case, is ignoring this silent tragedy: some have chosen to devote their existence to the protection of these mysterious, primordial ecosystems, where life originated billions of years ago. Among them is 18-year-old Gabby Tan from Malaysia, who has consistently been enthusiastic about geography and the sea.

Life for our seas

The last night of a two week stay on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.
Photo by Sean O. / Unsplash

Gabby Tan, a member from the Youth Council for World Oceans Day, held each year on the eighth of June, has clear thoughts regarding her future: she wants to devote her life to protecting the seas. To do this, the young activist raises awareness by talking in schools about the significance of these ecosystems and the threats they face. Like Greta Thunberg, who began the biggest global climate movement in history, the Malaysian lobbyist, on account of her enthusiasm and determination, means to inspire youngsters around the world, motivating them to deal with the planet that past generations have left destitute.

Gabby Tan's say

“Today we can’t let adults be the only ones with the power to decide on our future. The ecological disaster is urgent, it’s happening now, advancing inexorably and sparing no one. The efforts made up to this point haven’t been enough. We can no longer wait. From now on, we’ll have to accept the challenge and do our part. Fighting this emergency has to become a priority for every one of us. Let’s save the oceans and the planet!”.

The Malaysian students are conscious that while political and structural interventions are essential, change needs to begin from a grassroots level, from everybody altering their daily behaviors.

Greta inspired us with her bravery and catalyzed the popularity of the climate action movement by giving us clearly that we could send a strong message to our governments.