What is the importance of eco-green items for your environment? Human are destroying our planet but it can be prevented before too late. The appearance of friendly products create a big change on action and awareness. All simple items that we use everyday need to be replaced with green products.

  • Bamboo Drinking Straws

Everyone know this small thing which we only use once and its next place is our land, this is a truth that deserve to be disappointed. Bamboo straws appear as friendly hero. They can be reusable completely and look so cool with any drink regardless of hot or ice.

Moreover, this 'hero' are handcrafted by artisans in Bali, and now Vietnam also produce this product to contribute to protect environment by the smallest things. This is not only a new drinking style but also give a hand to support a meaning start-up.

  • Tupperware Box

If you use the styrofoam or plastic box and bag like a habit, you can be change to Tupperware now. These things are small and convenient to take away when you go to school or company for work that have not assess food easily. These box are some of the best friendly products as they are BPA free, and lead free as well.

  • Reusable Zip Bags

It is said that in 2050 the large of plastic in the ocean more than the fish in the ocean-that is shocking. Each snack bags you use and put away, that become a huge threat for human. Instead of plastic bags, reusable bags are lead-free, PVC free, BPA free, and vinyl free. Moreover, it is easily to buy on e-commerce page just by click. Bonus!

  • Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

These product is a great idea in cosmetic industry. It is biodegradable product and they allow to use over and over again. These reusabe make up pads are made out of green material-organic bamboo fibers.

When buying it, you will have a high-quality small laundry bag to wash these. Reusable makeup pads are a solutions replace of using cotton pads that save your time and your money, especially our earth.

  • Coffee Thermos

For those who keep the habit drink a shot of coffee or espresso every morning. Thermos becomes more convenient and seems more cool than a paper cup you get at coffee store. The steady twist cap to you can store any thing inside, even add flavor to your tea. Double-walled interior insulation allow coffee hot for up to 13 hours, or ice chilled for up to 20 hours.

  • Solar Phone Charger