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Have you ever heard about London's biggest green wall??

A 21 meter high living wall containing 10,000 plants and 16 tons of soil will help diminish flooding in London, as indicated by its creator. The gigantic green divider, planned by Gary Grant of Green Roof Consultancy and covering a whole exterior of a hotel, covers 350 square meters

Dismiss the delicate wash cycle to protect our sea.

Delicate wash cycles in clothes washers is found to discharge more plastic microfibres than different cycles. New research driven by Newcastle University has demonstrated that it is the volume of water used during the wash cycle, as opposed to the turning activity of the clothes washer, which is the main

AirVisual vanished from Google Play and App Store in Vietnam

Numerous individuals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have said they can't find AirVisual, an air quality estimation application in Google Play and App Stores since October 6, local media revealed. Clients in Vietnam are not able to download AirVisual to their cell phones anymore. When continuing to

How does Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Collectors work?

In heat pipe evacuated tube collectors, a sealed heat pipe, typically made of copper to increase the collector's efficiency in cold temperatures, is attached to a heat-absorbing reflector plate inside the vacuum-sealed tube. The hollow copper heat pipe within the tube is evacuated of air yet contains a small quantity

Small tips to save energy in the laundry at home

Laundries suck a large amount of energy, from the washing machine to the dryer. These plain tips are going to help you alleviate its bad influence but it will not change too much difference in your everyday laundry duties. Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel / UnsplashPrefer the cold water cycleAs washing

This artificial tree create oxygence from CO2

Air is one of the few things that you truly can't manage without. At least on the off chance that you need to keep on living. As the population on the earth gets greater and gincreasing amounts of the globe become industrialized cityscape, the nature of air is a serious

How to use the solar energy while camping

Who wouldn't need a few modern conveniences while away enjoying the good outdoors? Due to solar power technology, campers can up their comfort and convenience level a bit by packing some solar-powered things. Read on for a few recommended items to take along on your next camping trip. 1.Use