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The world’s 5 most beautiful solar farms

Solar farms are architectural and engineering masterpieces that aren't just functional however can also be beautiful. They can thus become tourist destinations, making employments and boosting the clean energy economy, as well as satellite activities. Here are some of the boldest and most wonderful projects that combine the drive towards

Girl goes on strike to speak for mother nature and young generations to come

The environment problem is always a big issue with human. Since we were kids, we have always been taught how to protect the environment and what we should not do to make it worse. However, did we apply those lessons into our daily lives? Are what we learnt at school

Joining bottles – new ways to create new furniture from recycle items

One of the most headache problem that we are facing at the moment is the pollution from plastics bottle. We have watched so many videos about how plastics bottle ruin the lives of many oceanic creatures, we have read so many articles about the terrible the consequences of waste plastics

This artist turns cigarette butts into statues

For many, cigarettes are quite useful when it comes to reducing stress. When ones sad, they smoke; when ones feel lonely, they smoke; when ones have too much work that they cannot finish in time, they smoke, etc. There are tons of reason to smoke, but is there any reason

This is what you should know about light pollution

General information of light pollution.When nearly all people talk about light pollution they are discussing all the manners in which that man made light is changing the natural lighting of the earth. For instance, all the lights of a city change the way light and dark fall. There is

Conversational group grow corals on land to backup for the loss of coral in Seychelles

Seeing the loss of corals in Seyshelles, a conventional organization has launched the first ever corals nursery on land to backup for the loss of many corals in case of seawater warming in the future. The chairperson of the Anse Forbans Community Conservation Programme, Lisa Booyse, said that Seychelles need

Lives of people living on a polluted river

It is obvious that you will feel extremely uncomfortable when passing a dumpster because of the extremely disgusting smell coming from it. Well, imagine your house is located right on the bank of a polluted river. Everyday you will have to experience that horrible smell which similar to the smell