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Tips help your hotel go green that start with staff and recycling

This article is going to discuss how to make your hotel green, which starts with your staff and recycling. StaffCreate a 'green team' at your hotel with the goal of continual improvement and scheduled re-evaluation and news.Create an incentive program to encourage your employees to participate in and improve

These tea bags release billions of plastic particles into your brew

A couple of years ago, Nathalie Tufenkji stopped by a Montreal cafe on her way to work and ordered a cup of tea. She sat down together with her mug, enjoying its warmth before she found something strange: Her tea bag seemed to be made of plastic. "I thought, ‘That’

Why can’t we just build a pipe to move water to areas in the drought?

It is true we could create a pipe or canal to move water around. Indeed, a 1930s plan called the Bradfield Scheme recommended utilizing dams, pumps and pipes to move floodwaters from Australia's north to drier inland areas. Photo by jasper wilde / UnsplashA few politicians still support this plan although

The relationship between poverty and the environment

On 25th September 2015, 193 countries of the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable Development that contains 17 sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Photo by Michael Prewett / Unsplash The first and the leading Sustainable Development Goal is to “end poverty in all forms everywhere”. Each country of

There can be no sustainable development without indigenous participation

Protecting the traditional knowledge and regions of indigenous people groups means helping achieve a sustainable, without the hunger-free world and contributing to the fight against deforestation and climate change. Photo by Ethan McArthur / UnsplashFor a considerable length of time, the significance of indigenous people groups in the fight against deforestation,

7,000 railway stations in India will be powered by solar energy

India will before long power 98 percent of its railway stations with solar energy. The nation aims to diminish its reliance on fossil fuels. 98 percent of India's railway stations will be powered by solar energy. This is the thing that the government of the Union of India aims to

Chernobyl, a solar plant born out of the ashes of the nuclear site is now open

The first solar power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine is presently functioning. Renewable energy creation is being developed as a mechanism to restore dignity and reason for land devastated by the worst accident in the history of energy generation. The long-term health impacts of the 1986 disaster are just starting to