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Malaysia issues 2 million face masks to students, choked by the smog of forest fires in Indonesia

Since smog from Indonesia's sprawling forest fires chokes neighboring Malaysia, authorities there have distributed a pair of million face masks to students in affected areas, state news agency Bernama reported Thursday. Over 500,000 masks were sent to students in Sarawak in East Malaysia, where air quality on Thursday peaked

Tips help your hotel go green that start with staff and recycling

This article is going to discuss how to make your hotel green, which starts with your staff and recycling. StaffCreate a 'green team' at your hotel with the goal of continual improvement and scheduled re-evaluation and news.Create an incentive program to encourage your employees to participate in and improve

Two Amazing Ways to Go Carbon Neutral

The most effective approach for every people to minimize climate change is to become carbon neutral in our own lives. Fortunately, there are 2 quick, however, terribly effective actions we can take to win this: 1.Switch to 100% Renewable Electricity: in the U.S. and Canada, head over to

How do coffee cups affect on the environment

In a quiet corner store of a busy intersection in Arusha, Tanzania, people selected a vibrant cloth package of coffee. On a side street in Rome, they picked up a small, compressed foil packet tagged “Fantasia” off a candy shop shelf. In a Kafehaus in Denmark, an attendant in an

What is sustainable agriculture - Kinds of sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is regarding increasing agricultural production of crops while at the same time preserving the ecological resources in which they grow. The conflict between sustainable agriculture and energy crop cultivation systems that permit biomass and bioenergy crops to be made on agricultural land has created a lot of debate

Understanding Batteries and Battery Charging

Understanding Batteries and how we can use them in an off-grid or stand-alone system isn't as hard as you may suppose. Recently we use batteries in just regarding each electrical device, to power our phones, laptops, remote controls, lamps or other such portable equipment and there's an unclear range of

Grey Water and Wastewater Recycling is Good for the Home and Garden

For many individuals, turning on a tap or faucet and enjoying an infinite amount of clean water in their homes and workplaces for washing, cleaning, and bathing is something they take for granted. However, clean drinking water is becoming a precious and rare resource around the world, so it's therefore