The different solar pool collectors described above are simply a couple of samples of the numerous different types of absorber plate and water passage designs that exist nowadays for use in a solar pool heating system, every with their advantages and drawbacks.

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The size of the solar collector needed for solar pool heating is decided by a lot of factors, as well as geographic location; size and shape of pool; desired pool temperature, swimming season, and length of time needed to heat the pool as well as wind conditions and shading from trees, walls or fences, etc yet a general rule of thumb is that you will need a system that's equal to around 50 to 80th of the pool surface area. That is the surface area of the water and not the volume of water.

Solar thermal panels for use in swimming pool heating systems are offered in standard panel sizes of 4´x 8´, 4´x 10´, 4´x 12´ which might be mounted next to the pool or on an adjacent roof creating the installation of pump, filter, and tubing much easier. Pool heating may be a common application of the solar thermal energy provided free by the sun and installing a solar pool heating system can prevent a great deal of money over a more conventional electrical or gas-powered swimming pool Heater.

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In case your pool is in direct sunlight, the sun helps to raise and maintain the water temperature free of charge. In several cases, you can add a solar system to your existing filter pump and plumbing heating the pool water because it is filtered. shopping for and installing a solar pool heating system can be a big investment, thus make sure to buy around and get the best combination of price, performance, and warranty.

One final thought, while heating your pool can be an expensive investment, you can save money on your solar pool heating prices and solar collector sizing by simply using a swimming pool thermal cover additionally referred to as a pool warmer cover. A pool warmer cover acts like a solar blanket serving to reduce nighttime heat loss moreover as preventing chemical loss and water evaporation once it's windy, creating the pool and solar system more efficient.

There are primarily 2 kinds of pool covers:

Thermal/opaque covers that fully cover the pool surface and help to prevent heat and water loss. If these covers are left on during the sunny part of the day, these covers also can transmit some heat into the pool.

The second kind is disc-type solar pool covers which float regarding the surface of the water-absorbing the sun's rays serving to transmit the sun's heat to the water below. This floating disk covers additionally help to prevent heat and water loss during each day and night serving to decrease your solar pool heating system size and quality.