Our river is being heavily polluted by tons of trash that are thrown down by the ignorant people. We all know how harmful are these plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc. to the environment. You may pick up garbage when you see it on the road on your way home and just simply throw it into a dustbin, however picking up these kind of trash in a river is not an easy task, it is a whole problem. You cannot just jump into the river and swim around to collect the waste. Don't need to talk about your wet clothes or the weird look that people give you, it is just too dangerous to do so. Than who can pick up all these trash? Waiting for the garbage collectors? Well, this is not the case of Tobias.

Living in Denmark, Tobias, the founder of GreenKayak saw that the country's river is becoming dirtier and dirtier. Of course, like most of us, he could not just jump right into the river to collect all the trash, but with a boat, we can totally do that! For that idea, he decided to rent his kayak for free but under a condition, the client must collect the trash in the river instead. With just 1 kayak, he has picked up tons of trash floating in the river!

Surprisingly, or not, his non-profit business have been successful. Tobias wanted to go a step further and set up his own company, GreenKayak.

the company has just launched new locations around the country such as Hamburg, Bergen and Copenhagen beside its existing location where you can borrow these  kayak in Aarhus, Odense and Præstø. In order to encourage people to protect the environment, the company also asks its volunteers to share their experience on social media with keyword #greenkayak or #miljøkajakken.

Kayaking is a good way to collect waste because these boat a very stable, flexible and its shape can help the volunteers to get close to the areas that are hard to reach. Before starting the waste-collecting journey, the volunteers are provided with lifejackets and equipment for collecting trash.

Over two years in operation, there are more than 10,861kg of trash has been collected from the harbour of Copenhagen and Aarhus by the volunteers, and the number will keep increasing since the new locations are now introduced. However, if you are planning on a trip collecting trash on these kayak, remember to don't visit these locations in the winter since the service will not available due to weather conditions.For further information, please visit greenkayak.org.