Recently, the movement "less plastic" has been become popular in the world. As a result, famous beverage brands are also being questioned about their responsibility to the environment.

These days, a Facebook user posted an article about the Phuc Long coffee shop's implementation of environmental protection superficially and irresponsibly in Vietnam. Specifically, the owner of this post said:

"Green Life for businesses can be costly and inconvenient. Rather than you don't do it, if you did it, don't do it in a lying way, and don't make your customers fall into a trap. They classify every type of wastes above a dustbin lid and put a big plastic bag under it to hold all. And this is the last time I visit Phuc Long."

This post appeared on social networks last Thursday morning, but it just began to spread strongly, attracting the attention of many people, including customers of the Phuc coffee chain with over 11,000 likes, 4,900 comments, and 3,700 shares this weekend.

A lot of commenters said that that was an act of deceiving customers through the green life statement. It is no use protecting the environment half-heartedly. There are also opinions that this is only the responsibility of this shop which is located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street HCMC, not almost other shops of Phuc Long. However, this also shows that Phuc Long chain's management has not been tight.

This is not the first time the Phuc Long has caused customers to react to a lack of environmental responsibility. In March this year, Phuc Long was criticized by customers when they announced on the official fan page about selling more plastic cups for 2,000 VND. According to this company, this decision was made because of the purpose of ensuring for transporting and food safety.