Cristina Mittermeier’s recent article for the National Geographic talked about pictures and videos that captured a skeletal polar bear within the Canadian Baffin Islands that went viral when they were revealed last year. Ms Mittermeier wrote that the visuals of the animal seen around the world, might not have told “the full story”.

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Last year, Mr Nicklen noticed the polar bear while on an expedition before helping to assemble a SeaLegacy rescue team to the animal’s location. Mr Nicklen defined the experience filming the starving polar bear as “soul-crushing” and haunting in a caption of a video published to Instagram December 2017.

Ms Mittermeier wrote that once the National Geographic picked up Mr Nicklen’s video, they added subtitles to the footage, like “This is what global climate change looks like”. She aforesaid the publication had at first gone “too far” with the captions as was unclear what caused that individual polar bear’s dying state. In his Instagram caption, Mr Nicklen wrote "this is what starvation feels like," as he urged folks to implement global warming solutions.

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Ms Mittermeier additionally noted that whereas the reason for that specific polar bear’s bony state was unknown, global climate change will have grave effects on life, however.