Some people think it’s funny when we use carbon board or all sorts of things that are made out of paper in a protest to protect the environment. How ironic it is when papers are actually made out of millions of trees that have been chopped down from the forest, an important part of the environment that we are trying to preserve, but then we use the products from the deforestation activity in the environmental protest. Maybe it’s time for the environment lovers to switch to other kind of papers that is not made from tree, but elephant poop instead.

Meet the Eco Maximus company

We all know Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with breath taken natural view. An interesting fact: elephant is the national wealth of this country. However, the local here do not consider this kind of animal as something that need to be protect, rather than a threat. The reason is crops are severely destroyed by elephants in the rural villages, which make the people here have to suffer from a big loss in their income.

Luckily, that is now the past, a company called Eco Maximus saw the potential of these gigantic animals, specifically, their dung. Its renovation idea has saved thousands of trees from being chopped down in the process of making paper. It also introduced a new way of recycling and create new job for local people. Not only the local don’t have to worried much about their crops being destroyed, but also have a more stable income. The company’s idea of recycling elephant dung to produce papers has contributed to the fight against climate change by reduce the number of trees that are chopped down every year.

Let’s take a look at the paper making process

The process of making recycled paper start out with collecting the dung form the elephant, which is not something that need to be worried about since an average elephant can produce 100 kg of dung daily. After collecting the poop, the manure is sun-dried before move on to the sanitization process, where it will be boiled at 120 degrees in a fixed high-weight kettle.

the workers at the factory

The mash is then mixed to separate the filaments, then a reused office squander is included for consistency, before being spread on a submerge screen to make sheet of paper. No blanches or acids are used in the process, instead, salt colours will be used to create beautiful shades.

There is an online recipe of making paper out of elephant dung so that you can try on your own.

The result is an entirely natural, recyclable and biodegradable product.

The biggest challenge of every individual now is to combat climate change by reduce the amount of trash that we produce every single day. Recycle is one of the most mentioned methods when it comes to protecting the environment. With these poop-made papers, we not only save thousands of trees and forest, but also reduce the harm that we made on our environment. Since this kind of paper is biodegradable, it will not remain for thousands of years after being discarded like plastics.

By using this kind of paper, we also help to preserve thousands of elephants that are living in Sri Lanka since the local here used to find ways to killed these giant animals for destroying their crops. Now that the local have had another job, not only it is beneficial for the people in Sri Lanka, but also for the elephants, which won’t be killed for finding the food.

An interesting fact, the initial experiment of making paper from dung was done by collecting the dung form the Millennium Elephant Foundation, which responsibility is to provide the sanctuary, medical services and care to the working elephants. On the other hand, the profit that is collected form selling the paper will go directly the villagers’ income who are working there and the foundation.

So next time, when you are thinking about going on a strike to protect the environment, consider using these poop-made papers for your environmental protest instead.