We have been working with the University on their sustainability strategy for the past number of months. We are now the proud suppliers of compostables at NUIG! - posted on Down2Earth Materials blog

With an end goal to battle the monstrous waste made on grounds, NUIG Catering Managers effectively looked for approaches to improve their eco effort. Perhaps the greatest concern was the measure of waste made at the on-site cafés and bistros, which would serve a huge number of students their take-away coffees and lunches day by day.

This obviously unavoidably brings about a lot of single-use plastics being utilized and abused, and ending up in a landfill close to you for a few hundred years – not incredible for our condition. Thanks to compostables and the specialists at Down2Earth Materials, their reusing and treating the soil specialists got the chance to work, helping NUIG select the items and administrations that were directly for them.

The understudy focus only offers Down2Earth compostables where possiple, just as committed manure bins on location. Students would now be able to discard their eco-friendly items correctly, alongside their left over snack, in the food waste container!

Rather than being dumped in a landfill, food scraps and compostables will be financially compsted into supplement rich soil, in just 180 days.

It is no mean feat for a campus of this size to attempt such a major (yet splendid) advance, so well done to everyone at the school for their promise to rolling out an improvement! It seems like, their expert direction makes the change to compostables seamless and entirely stress-free.