Sea turtles have long become one of the different kinds of animals whose name was written in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This means this kind of animal is on the verge of extinction. Realise this problem, a man from Mexico has been on a mission to rescue sea turtles from the market, which were sold for meat processing purpose.

Aaron Culling spotted two suffering animals at a food bazaar market in Papua New Guinea. He immediately paid $33 to buy that pair of animals. Instead of cutting them into pieces to cook a delicious meal, he drove the two to the beach to release them back to the ocean where they belong.

According to Aaron, he and his friend, Mark, has bought at least 8 different kinds of turtles up to now and they are all released back to the ocean.

Director of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center Terry Norton mentioned:

"This person is a hero and saved these turtles lives. They would have been sold, killed and eaten otherwise."

Norton said that the turtles in the photo which went viral were juvenile ones and were likely to experience navigating the open sea before so they would not have any trouble in finding their way to where they need to go.

Dan Evans at the Sea Turtle Conservancy is nonetheless worriedly saying that:

"Unfortunately this might mean that they are recaptured if they go back to where they were originally caught."

Saving turtles' lives is good, but will it cause any other serious problem?

"Buying from the market is simply providing an incentive to catch more turtles. It does not discourage a person from catching a turtle, but actually encourages it. This guy better have a lot of money, as the word will spread that one can make money by selling the turtle to him. He has unwittingly created an additional market for the turtles." - said Moby Solangi, executive director at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

However, Aaron's idea was right and many people seems to support it. We all know that sea turtles are endangered animals but many people don't seem to stop poaching them for their meat, shell, skin and even eggs.

"The guy has a good heart, but needs a viable strategy to help the turtles." - Solangi agreed.

the best way to save these endangered animals is by contacting the animals conservative organization for help instead of acting without a thorough plan.