One of the most headache problem that we are facing at the moment is the pollution from plastics bottle. We have watched so many videos about how plastics bottle ruin the lives of many oceanic creatures, we have read so many articles about the terrible the consequences of waste plastics bottle being thrown away carelessly in rivers or beaches. This kind of pollutant was so wide-spread that we can even find it in the deepest place of an untouched forest on the Earth and this is how plastics can be found inside the stomach of wild animals. However, London-based designer, Micaella Pedros, has recognised the durability of this harmful material and decided to take advantage of it without spending a penny!

We cannot deny the fact that plastics have become a big issue when it comes to protecting the environment. Sadly, the purpose of making this kind of material is the durability, long-lasting, and flexibility. Because of such incredible characteristics, plastics become a threat to the environment, however, Micaella Pedros knows that she can take advantage of these hard-headed plastic bottles. She has created a new joining technique called the “joining bottle” technique.

The idea behind this technique is that it enables people to joining different part of wood pieces together to create a brand new piece of furniture with unique design. However, this new technique is still in the experimental process.

So, how does this work?

The two important ingredients are pieces of wood and plastic bottles, of course. In order to make the word a better place, Micaella decided to use wood waste and discarded plastic bottles that she can find around her neighbourhood. Then, she starts to connect the pieces of wood randomly or follow some design in her head by using a piece of plastic and heat it up with a blow dryer.

The miracle starts to happen when the piece of plastic shrinks down and tightly wraps around two pieces of wood. Since plastics is a strong material, the furniture that is created this way will be very stable and hard to be broken no matter how hard you hit it.

What is the advantage of this technique?

Environmentally, this technique helps to upcycle the waste plastics and wood that are available in our environment and reduce the amount of waste and make full use of the remaining pieces of wood after manufacturing.

On the other hand, this technique also enables people to create new pieces of art with more space for randomness and spontaneity

Now, Micaelle is now opening a small workshop allowing people to come and have fund in creating new furniture with the supply that she collected in her neighbourhood. If you want to find out more detail about this, visit