We have known that the main three fossil fuel types used for electricity generation, cooking, and heating. At current or raised rates of production, fossil fuel oil and natural gas will be gone in fifty years or so with the cost per unit increasing long before that. The burning of carbon-containing fossil fuels generates huge amounts of harmful gases and pollutants to the atmosphere leading to global warming and climate change because of greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

Cold fall weather of 2015, I’ve decided to go outside and turn on my camera. As I always wonder around and take photos of what catches my senses, I take a picture of this cut up wood. This wood is from a tree we cut that stood infront of our house. I remember my father during summer cutting up the wood into small pieces so we could use it for grilling or relaxing fire pit nights with friends. 

This is also my first try with Unsplash and I guess it worked! Thank you Unsplash!
Photo by Luke K. Minklein / Unsplash

The best way to decrease these harmful emissions is to get rid of the use of fossil fuels from electricity generation, and simply use gasoline for transportation and natural gas for cooking and heating. However, this is not possible so we need to promote energy conservation such as:

  • Energy conservation by reducing the use of electricity and gas in the home and workplace.
  • Reduce our current oil consumption and waste by driving less or at slower speeds.
  • Look for more approaches to reduce our use of fossil fuels and waste.
  • Use alternative forms of energy sources
Photo by Ph B / Unsplash

The raised energy demand, depleting fossil fuel resources and growing environmental pollution have LED the planet to assume seriously regarding alternative various sources of recent energy. the fundamental idea of different energy relates to problems with sustainability, renewability and pollution reduction. In reality, alternative energy means something other than deriving energy via fossil fuel combustion. Finding ways to decrease fossil fuel usage and greenhouse emission emissions while producing enough energy to support economic development worldwide is a major challenge.

Now that we know “what are fossil fuels”, we can define fossil fuels by the simple expression of “here today, gone tomorrow“. There is a range of new alternative energy sources as well as solar and wind energy we can take advantage of today to reduce our dependence upon fossil fuel energy.