Recycling platics - one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of waste plastics we throw out to the environment. Since these kind of material cannot be biodegrade, the best way is to keep it inside your house insead of letting it make way inside other wild animal's stomache. However, you cannot just keep a bunch of plastic bottles in side your house without making any use of them, here are ways to turn your trash into gold.

Recycle old 2-liter jugs into DIY water filters

Have you at any point been stuck in the wild with no wellspring of clean water? Goodness, you haven't? All things considered, it's still great to filter the water you drink. What's more, you don't need to spend tons of cash to get a water filtration system that is effective. Watch and folow the steps in the video to turn a 2-liter container into a DIY water filter.

Transform plastic container junk into a waste basket

A trash-trash  can. That has a ring to it. There's no greater symbolic gesture of becoming environmentally friendly than making a waste basket out of reused plastic jugs. Make a statement and create a container ideal for outside trash disposal. Simply don't discard your plastic containers.

Make an outdoor broom from reused plastic containers

On the off chance that we haven't officially demonstrated that plastic jugs can be reused into pretty much anything, how about we settle it? Reuse a 2-liter jug into an out door broom in only a couple of steps. The solid fibers make it simple to clear up soil and normal outdoor furniture. Follow the video for step by step guidelines on the most proficient method to assemble an outdoor broom from plastic jugs.

Create a night light from your plastic container caps

We've given a lot of love to the container bit of plastic jugs, yet shouldn't something be said about the significant cap? All things considered, it saved you from frying your hard drive and spilling on your new cover. Follow this guide on the most proficient method to make a plastic jug cap night light to finish one of the more time consuming in the list.