The environment problem is always a big issue with human. Since we were kids, we have always been taught how to protect the environment and what we should not do to make it worse. However, did we apply those lessons into our daily lives? Are what we learnt at school really affective in protecting the environment or not? For this 15-year-old Swedish girl, this is not enough.

She skipped school to go on strike.

A little girl skip school to go on strike just outside the Swedish Parliament alone has become an inspirational story for many. The reason was because Greta Thunberg did not think that the government did nothing in order to save our planet:

“I am doing this because you adults are shitting on my future.”
“I am doing this because nobody else is doing anything. It is my moral responsibility to do what I can, I want the politicians to prioritise the climate question, focus on the climate and treat it like a crisis.”

Therefore, everyday for two weeks, Greta would skip school and sit outside of the Swedish Parliament to go on strike, this is – what she considered – one of the most effective way to get the attention from the parliament members.

When was asked to get back to class to study by many teachers and people on the street, Greta just simply responded:

“I have my books here. But also I am thinking: what am I missing? What am I going to learn in school? Facts don’t matter anymore, politicians aren’t listening to the scientists, so why should I learn?”

What do her parents think about this?

Not surprised, Greta’s parents did not want her to skip school just to spend hours sitting outside the parliament. However, they knew that their daughter did do something, and her effort was not a waste. Her father said:

“She is supposed to be in school, we cannot support her action. But we respect that she wants to make a stand. She can either sit at home and be really unhappy, or protest and be happy.”

What Greta did actually had change the point of view of her parent. Greta’s mother, a famous opera singer Malena Ernman, has given up her international career because of climate change. Now her house is filled with books about the environment:

“Greta forced us to change our lives,” says her father Svante. “I didn’t have a clue about the climate. We started looking into it, reading all the books – she has read them too.”

It turned out that the girl did not forget her duty to study at all, she did her homework everyday and still continued to learn more about the environment. She had read three books about that topic while spending her time outside the school.

The teachers were devided

According to Greta, some teachers at her school did not encourage her to skip school, instead, they wanted her to return to study. However, some teachers showed her their full support. One teacher even took part in her protest, that was Benjamin Wagner, 26. He risked his career as a teacher, expected to lose 3 weeks salary – as a result of his strike:

“Our inability to stop climate change is like the efforts to stop world war one – we knew for years it was coming, they arranged all sorts of conferences, but still they didn’t prevent it, Greta is a troublemaker, she is not listening to adults. But we are heading full speed for a catastrophe, and in this situation the only reasonable thing is to be unreasonable.”

How was the result?

There are signs that the Swedes is listening. The Green party, a partner in the middle left alliance government, was languishing in the surveys, which raged for weeks through a provincial tinderbox made by the remarkable drought. Presently the party's help is up considerably to about 6%.

However, a member of Green parliament, Janine Alm Ericson, said that he was disappointed to let a little go act for the sake of the environment when she should have been at her school by now. This meant that the political parties in Sweden had not done enough. On the other hand, he was very impressed by what Great had done.

Stella d’Ailly, 45, an art director, had decided to join her protest because she thought that this was what need to be done. Thanks to Greta, she had realised how important is the environment to human society and that we should act now.

Greta had had a chance to speak in front of the UK parliament about the environment issue. One part of her speech appeared in Alan Walker new music video, which encourage people to act in order to protect the environment