The recent popularity of plant-based diets now has made its way into fashion.

A month ago, H&M introduced brand new items made from pineapple leather, orange peels, and algae,... The sole of H&M's plant-based shoes were produced using BLOOM Foam, a foam produced using algae, which is the quickest developing plant on the planet. As indicated by Bloom's site, if 5% of factories used their soles, “The annual carbon emissions of approximately 23,000 passenger vehicles could be offset.”

Although H&M’s Conscious Collection gets numerous positive press, H&M still have to face with a lot of criticism for its excessive output of clothes and fast fashion practices. On the other hand, Canadian footwear brand Native, which has committed that all of its shoes will be 100% life cycle managed by 2023, has now one-upped the fast fashion retailer with a shoe that is completely plant-based named "The Plant Shoe". It means every single part of shoes were made from plant (including the glue!) and they are completely biodegradable. The shoes include corn, eucalyptus, pineapple husk, similar to H&M’s pineapple-husk leather jacket, for the toe, and the thread is made from jute (a coarse vegetable fiber) soaked in olive oil.

Native has recently applied another planet-saving method previously. Different sneakers from the brand are produced using the simple-to-reuse chemical compound ethylene vinyl acetate (a similar material that Crocs are made of!). They offer a reusing activity that enables clients to drop off shoes at select areas. The old shoes are grounded up, put in a mold, and the material is used for manufacturing new shoes, flooring, or insulation afterwards.

Beside Native, Allbirds is one brand using tree fiber and wool to craft their shoes and Reebok created a sneaker made of cotton and corn.