For thousands years, agricultural was a natural process that didn't harm the land it was done on. Truth be told, farmers were able to transfer their land to many generations and it would still be rich as ever. Be that as it may, present day agricultural practices have begun the process of agricultural contamination. This process causes the debasement of the ecosystem, land, and environment because of the modern agriculture byproducts. So, 2 basic negative effects of agricultural pollution are as follows:

Agricultural contamination is the primary source of contamination in water and lakes. Chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides advance into the groundwater that ends up in drinking water. Health related issues may happen since it adds to fatal blue child syndrome in newborn children. Oil, degreasing agents, metals and poisons from farm equipment cause medical issues when they get into drinking water.

2. Effect on aquatic animals

Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

Fertilizers, manure, waste, and ammonia transforms into nitrate that diminishes the measure of oxygen present in water which results in the passing of numerous aquatic animals. Once more, microbes and parasites from animal waste can get into drinking water which can expose to worrying health problems for a variety of aquatic life and animals.

**Holding agricultural contamination under control is a lot harder than it seems. For the crops to become clean again, levels of water, soil, and industrial contamination must be held within proper limits. In the course of the most recent decade or so, governments have turned out to be stricter about enacting rules. Farmers are additionally getting more conscious of the harm and are looking for solutions.

Numerous ranches are moving back to conventional fertilizer, direct irrigation from nearby water bodies and natural methods for holding pest population within examination. Be that as it may, for the process of agricultural contamination to be completely reigned in, there must be a complete shift in the manner agricultural is performed.