While we've all been dreaming buying a Nest by Airstream, an organization in Slovakia has been designing a completely new take on the travel truck: the Ecocapsule.

After many years of development--the very first prototype, by Nice Architects, debuted at Andes Sprout Society Idea Competition in 2009-the 1st 50 Ecocapsules are finally deliver to buyers this year. And from what we are able to tell, this revolutionary RV will give the the Airstream a run for its cash.

To begin with, its unencumbered, egg-like form and minimalist in-door design makes it become the trendiest RV we've ever encountered. There is no losing out on function for this type of beautiful form, either: The 88-square-foot Ecocapsule perfectly fits two and includes a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower area, along with a lounge/work area that becomes a bed during the night, plus everything's linked to a smart home system. Eventually, the Ecocapsule crew doesn't view it as a travel trailer at all:

Ecocapsule has been designed as a house. A tiny, mobile house, but a house nevertheless.

Says Matej Gyárfáš, Ecocapsule creative communication director.

Here's the kicker: This mobile house is totally self-sufficient. Some RVs have to be directly plugged in to be fully functional, the Ecocapsule runs totally off the grid. Solar power panels and a small wind turbine supply electricity, as the Ecocapsule's oval shape helps it gather rainwater, which it could then filtered. The Ecocapsule's walls are also specially thick--7.8 inches--to give it the strong feeling of a house and to ensure it is usable in temperature from 14 degree Fahrenheit to 104 degree Fahrenheit. You can park this trailer in the middle of nowhere in dead of winter without another thought. (FYI, it's very easily towed by car.)

The Ecocapsule is equipped with rooftop solar power panels and a wind turbine, and it stores energy inside a high-capacity battery. In addition, it includes a plug to permit for external charging if required. The tiny home can collect water from rain or perhaps a close by river or lake, and then filtering it to create clean, drinkable water.

The retractable pole to the house is a 750W wind turbine is. Those two power sources charge on an on-board battery so even though you encounter calm or cloudy weather conditions, you'd be able to have some power. Nice Architects says the power system can support someone living off the grid for nearly a year.

Those 50 Ecocapsules had been on the high price side at only under $94,000, (a Nest operates for just $45,900), but Matej explains to us there is a good reason because of this.

We are producing them piece by piece—hence the exclusive tag—as well as with the option to customize them in a more significant way

In 2019, the company plant to debut a second edition Ecocapsule, this one is mass-produced and much more affordable. Better begin saving now.

Once within your possession, even though, it sounds quite easy to move the egg-shaped abode all around. the creator says:

It can be shipped, airlifted, towed or even pulled by a pack animal.