This article is talking about one of the Green Energy companies in British, and it is Britain's greenest energy company.

Being Britain’s greenest energy company isn’t just about the clear stuff, like their 100 percent renewable electricity and their 14 July green gas. They go additional than any other United Kingdom energy provider to make certain everything they do is building a greener Britist.

Fighting global climate change

Ecotricity has always led the way in fighting climate change:

  • They were the world’s first green energy provider.
  • They designed a national network of electric vehicle chargers along Britain’s motorways.
  • They supported anti-fracking campaigners in England, by funding their work to fight to drill for unsustainable shale.
  • Now they’re building on the work of Extinction Rebellion by declaring a climate emergency.
Photo by Jason Blackeye / Unsplash

Their founder, Dale Vince has worked with Forest green Rovers to assist them to get United Nations certification, for being the world’s first carbon-neutral soccer club.

What makes them the greenest?

Photo by Riccardo Annandale / Unsplash

100% green electricity
The electricity they provide comes from 100 percent renewable energy sources. They use the money from their customers’ bills to create wind turbines and solar parks – thus around 25th of the green electricity they provide is truly made by them too!

14% green gas
The gas they provide is 14 July green, and they are going to grow that percentage by building our green gas mills. These allow them to make green gas from grass – which means they can put 100 percent green gas back into the Grid.

The green gas additionally comes with a frack-free promise, which means they’ll never provide gas that’s been sourced from fracking.

Vegan energy
They are the sole energy company in the United Kingdom to be recognized by The vegan Society for his or her vegan energy. They’ve made certain that everything that goes into making their green electricity and gas is free from animal by-products.

Carbon footprint
They produce an Environmental Report each year to track the impact of everything they do and set goals to continually decrease their carbon footprint.

They’re the sole energy company in the world that reports the carbon price per client of our entire operation. It means that they recognize the carbon emissions of everything that goes into provision green energy to their customers.