Green School is known for thinking big, however bringing this idea to fruition in Indonesia was nearly impossible. Indeed, such an accomplishment would break the mould for transportation, as renewable energy remains a far off idea.

However, during a mystical Balinese way, this rudimentary team found a bus and biodiesel provider to launch the first biodiesel school bus in Indonesia. This bus is, quite virtually, known as the Bio Bus and it's fueled completely by recycled cooking oil. Quick forward to one year later, the program has grown three-fold. The three Bio Buses commute over 1,200 green school riders each month, creating this can be nice resolution to the growing traffic issues in Bali. This bus has also given the regular Bio Bus riders a particular pride. They have taken part in successfully offsetting up to 2.9 CO2 tonnes each month!

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Bio Buses have also opened up even more exciting academic opportunities. The buses are used everyday for field trips and learning excursions, being an excellent fodder for teachers in teaching environmental studies, math, enterprise, and chemistry. Students have also taken the educational opportunity to the next level and shown themselves as young sustainability innovators by using the glycerin, byproduct from making biodiesel, to create a natural soap that's marketed locally.

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Students of green schools are involved during this initiative from the top to bottom; from serving on the Bio Bus Board of administrators creating strategic decisions to trooping the streets, going from one restaurant to the next, to gather used cooking oil to create biodiesel. Bio Bus team have also shared their culminated work at the TEDxUbud, where students Kyla Langotsky and Maxwell Hidajat presented as “Biofuel Pioneers”.

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This Bio Bus initiative has provided a chance for everybody in the community to get involved in making Bali a healthier, cleaner island. this can be one of the dreams we want to attain through true holistic learning at Green School. And through Bio Bus, we've got officially made that dream come true.