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Girl goes on strike to speak for mother nature and young generations to come

The environment problem is always a big issue with human. Since we were kids, we have always been taught how to protect the environment and what we should not do to make it worse. However, did we apply those lessons into our daily lives? Are what we learnt at school

Is sending emails harmful to the environment?

From carbon emissions to unnecessary plastic waste – there are a lot of things we're know that harm the earth. Be that as it may, could emails be added to the list? The answer of French vitality controllers RTE is yes, as they have requested that organizations cut down the amount

Joining bottles – new ways to create new furniture from recycle items

One of the most headache problem that we are facing at the moment is the pollution from plastics bottle. We have watched so many videos about how plastics bottle ruin the lives of many oceanic creatures, we have read so many articles about the terrible the consequences of waste plastics

These 5 facts about the encironmental impact of electronic waste will shock you

E-Waste, likewise called electronic waste, is the name for electronic items that have come towards the finish line of their "valuable life." This concludes PCs, screens, TVs, sound systems, copiers, printers, fax machines, cellphones, dvd player, cameras, batteries, and a lot more progressively electronic gadgets. Used electronic gadgets can be

What can you do to reduce global warming?

Global warming issue has been talked about for a long time. The majority of the scientists regard it as a genuine and developing danger for people and weather. Since the governments are at a loss, it must see that, what can individual citizens or citizens' associations can do for diminishing

The effects of light pollution and how to to deal with it

While a lot of people consider dismissing light pollution as the price of modern life, it has terrible impacts on everything around it. Particularly, the bad effects are for the 3 main factors as follows:Animals – Lights can pull in or repulse animals and insects. Most animal life works on

What is freshwater ecosystem?

An ecosystem, a term frequently used in biology, is a community of plants and animals connecting with one another in a given region, and furthermore with their non-living environments. The non-living environments consist of climate, earth, sun, soil, atmosphere and air. The ecosystem identifies with the way that all these