The Solar Roof is not a New Invention.

Since the 1970s, when the technology behind solar roof tiles was developed, many companies have tried to produce a solar roof system that not only looks and performs like a normal roofing system, but also functions like many mini solar panels.

While integrated photovoltaic (known as BIPV) options aren’t a brand new concept, Tesla’s solar roof products have taken aesthetics to a whole new level – just as Tesla Motors has done with their electric cars.

How Much Will a Tesla Solar Roof Cost?

Tesla solar tiles are a premium product, made of thin layers of quartz, and they're nearly unbreakable. Price estimates might vary depending on location and installation prices, but Tesla insists that their solar roofing tiles can sell for a price of $21.85 per square foot. The price of standard roofing materials is between $1-$2 per square foot of asphalt shingles.

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At $21.85 per square foot, the Tesla solar roof price for a 2,500 square foot house is around $54,000. This price has been among the reasons Tesla solar roof installations were slow through the last half of 2018. However, although the upfront prices are costly for Tesla solar roof customers, the company claims that the solar roof tiles can last a lifetime, whereas typical roofing materials would possibly only last 10-20 years.

What are the Benefits of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles?

Although the upfront investment appears high, there are many benefits of installing Tesla's solar tiles on your roof:

  • Aesthetically, Tesla solar tiles put traditional solar arrays to shame. There aren't any large frames, visible wiring, or junction boxes. The tiles look like regular roofing tiles – that may increase home value drastically.
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  • While the initial purchase and installation prices for Tesla tiles are significant, similar to other solar choices, this product will eventually pay for itself.
  • Because the design of those tiles makes them nearly indestructible, Tesla is offering to replace their tiles as long as you own your home – without time constraints.