According to TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Frightening levels of air pollution have been captured on camera by residents of Tainan City (台南) in southern Taiwan today.

Photo by Adam Jang / Unsplash

Smoggy skies loom over quite a bit of Taiwan's west coast, with conditions reaching dangerous levels in Tainan and Chiayi (嘉義). An air quality index report from the Environmental Protection Administration's (EPA) Air Quality Monitoring Network demonstrates that few areas in the west of the island have reached the "red zone", showing unhealthy air quality.

PM2.5 hourly focus in Tainan is now more than 100 micrograms for each cubic meter. Residents in influenced areas are suggested to limit prolonged outside exertion, and sensitive groups consisting of youngsters and those with respiratory conditions should take more care.

As per reports, online analysts have shown the need to escape from the "poisonous gas clouds" pervading urban areas. Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau has issued an emergency air pollution notice and started to dispatch emergency response measures.

The EPA has been announcing high PM2.5 concentrations around central and southern parts of the island since yesterday, denoting the most serious levels of air pollution Taiwan has experienced since the fall season started.

Tainan's Environmental Protection Bureau said this morning that low evening time temperatures have induced radiative cooling which has created a thick fog. The water vapor from the fog has combined with dirt and dust particles in the air to create the thick layer of smog that looms over the city.

Pollutants have gradually moved from central Taiwan further south overnight. At 10 p.m. the last evening, southern cities started to dispatch emergency responses. Road-cleaning vehicles were dispatched, and factories directed to control emissions.

The EPA said current air conditions are not good for maintaining healthier air. As northeasterly winds get on Friday morning (Nov. 9), the circumstance will essentially improve.